Just look at these bananas in a Carmen Miranda/Busby Berkeley musical


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Those really big bananas look very happy to be there.


They spun that movie off into a Room 222-style classroom drama in the 70s


I loved the parody that the Cohen Brothers did in Hail Caesar.

No Dames indeed!


##Just look at them…


This shit is Bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S


Officially, LSD was not developed until well after 1943,but after seeing this, I find that hard to believe.


Ah yes, one of the most precise directors of the 20th century, IMNSHO. I love all the innuendo in every one of his works.


I urge all of you to seek out this movie! It also features Benny Goodman. And a contortionist! The plot is so minimal that it is dispensed with long before the movie actually ends with the surreal Polka dot song. Oh, the polka dance is dead … but the polka dot … lives on!

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Heh, I posted this a few months ago. Carmen Miranda was a pretty amazing performer and businesswoman, who managed her own career with very much the same care and success that people like Madonna did in later years. She died way too young.


The truly trippy number from this movie is the Polkadot Polka. See it on a big screen for the full effect.


As they say in the Navy, it’s only queer on the pier.


Things that make you go hmmm… all those phalluses turn into vagina dentata around 4:46 or so…


I’m happy to see this topic because maybe y’all might be able to help me to remember an old clip. It’s from one of these productions, big choreographed number on an island, and someone had put some mesmerizing music to it that I seem to recall was by the Tom Tom Club. I could have sworn I had seen it because it was blogged on boingboing, but I can’t find it anywhere. Curious if anyone else remembers this or if my memory has gone totally bananas.


Interested in picking up what you’re putting down


Peyote has been around forever and wasn’t that difficult to pick up in Southern California back then.



I should have forgotten you long ago
But you’re in every song I know
Whining and pining is wrong and so
On and so forth, of course of course,
But no, you can’t have a divorce

I haven’t seen you in ages
But it’s not as bleak as it seems
We still dance on whirling stages
In my Busby Berkeley dreams
The tears have stained all the pages
Of my True Romance magazines
We still dance in my outrageously beautiful
Busby Berkeley dreams

And now you want to leave me for good
I refuse to believe you could
You forget we’re not made of wood
Well darling you may do your worst
Because you’ll have to kill me first

Do you think it’s dangerous
To have Busby Berkeley dreams?


Almost criminal not to mention that ‘Busby Berkeley Dreams’ was by The Magnetic Fields, :wink: something I had to go look up because it’s such a great song that I had never heard before.


You need to listen to 69 Love Songs. All 69 of them, and all three hours’ worth.

I also feel it’s worth mentioning that their accordion player was Daniel Handler, better known as Lemony Snicket.