Enjoy this tri-lingual Indigenous podcast in Quechua, Spanish and English

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This is a population. who have been exploited relentlessly since the Spanish and Catholic tag-team of greed showed up in the1500’s. The Andean Mountain area is resource rich with gold silver copper and more. To this day other nationalities extract these riches using the Andean people as cheap labor stripping Peru of what should be their wealth. At some point there will likely be a critical mass of pissed off locals and there will be armed conflict. Unless it’s a well-planned and funded organization they will likely be beaten down by the amount of money at stake. The government never supports its people, As soon as they’re elected, they get bought out or run out of office on some bullshit charge. Meanwhile the US only recognizes Europe as an area worth helping so our tax dollars get pissed away across the Atlantic but our own southern neighbors get shafted repeatedly. China’s influence is huge in Latin American countries. That ought to scare the hell out of our own politicians but nah, never does, Good old sleepy South American, who cares. Our Latin American non-policy is going to bite us in the ass someday unless be start caring about them.

I think there’s a lot of U.S. activity in that region, past and present, that you apparently don’t know about.

No surprise to me that it’s as much on behalf of our elites as it is with any empire.

The U.S. troops will be arriving amid an upsurge of Peru’s underclass. Peru’s mostly rural, poor, and indigenous majority did elect the inexperienced Castillo as president in July 2021. They are now calling for Boluarte’s removal, new presidential elections, and a Constituent Assembly. Six of ten Peruvians regard the current political crisis as stemming from “racism and anti-indigenous discrimination,” according to a recent poll.

Resumen Latinoamericano reports that the U.S. forces heading to Peru will include 25 Special Forces troops arriving with weapons and equipment and 42 other Special Forces troops charged with preparing Peru’s intelligence command for “joint special operations;” 160 additional U.S. troops will be utilizing nine U.S. airplanes.

Eventually, 970 U.S. Air Force and Special Forces personnel will have taken part in the U.S. Southern Command’s so-called “Resolute Sentinel 23.” Previous U.S. military interventions in Latin America have been similarly named. The phrasing of this intervention’s official purpose is odd: “to “integrate combat interoperability and disaster response training in addition to medical exchanges, training and aid and construction projects.”

The coup government, under whose auspices the U.S. troops will be operating, is a creature of conservative political parties and the business establishment. In April it announced plans to privatize lithium mining, thus reversing President Castillo’s efforts to nationalize the processing of lithium. The government is easing the authorization procedures that enable foreign corporations to extract copper. Lawyer and former Castillo advisor Raúl Noblecilla cites control over Peru’s mineral wealth as to why U.S. troops are in Peru; their presence there reveals “how lackey and sell-out governments function.”

Thank you Millie, I wasn’t aware of this but it exactly as it always has been since spain and church teamed up. Every day is desperation in most of these communities. They barely scrape by and then a child gets sick and it’s a decision between feeding the rest of the family or watching a little kid die. The extractors aren’t concerned, they have the “plenty more where they come from mentality”. It will only end when the last shovel full of wealth is loaded on an outbound boat, when the last tree falls. Then there’s the other capitalists, the scum narcotraffickers who are only slightly worse than the extractors. The cocaine creeps destroy indigenous areas, enslave people to do their work and entice desperate boys into the trade. When an area gets too risky, they kill the local boys who know too much and vanish only to pop up elsewhere. To every bastard who powders his nose, you’re snorting up the blood of kids for your sorry ass buzz.
Maybe China will start arming the indigenous population. Suck our dumb asses into another proxy war Then we’d treat the situation like another Vietnam, I fear. Ah Peru, you deserve so much better than you get.

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