Photo: In Guatemala's national day of protest today, Anonymous is a Mayan woman


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When is no one everyone? When you’re Anonymous.


…I said to him, “Well, General, you were a big proponent of the death penalty. Do you think that you should be executed for your role in the slaughter of the Mayan population?” And when I asked him that question, Ríos Montt jumped to his feet, and he shouted—and this is Ríos Montt’s style of speaking—he said, “Yes! Put me on trial! Put me against the wall! Execute me! But if you’re going to try me, you also have to try the Americans, including Ronald Reagan.”

The public schools tried to teach my kids that Ronald Reagan was an American hero. I said “no, he may be a personal hero of Barack Obama, but he was a vicious traitor to the American people.”

Guatemala has been one of the key projects of Washington for decades, one of the countries in the world most under the influence of the U.S. government and defense establishment and corporations, and also, not—I think not unrelated, one of the hungriest countries in the world. They have one of the highest indices of malnutrition in Latin America. The exploitation is as gross as it can get. That’s why so many Guatemalans are flooding into America as immigrants looking for work—and now possibly facing the prospect of expulsion at the hands of people like Donald Trump.

The quotes are from the Alan Nairn transcript Xeni linked this morning.


Looks like it’s time for us to open up the School of the Americas again.


"many Guatemalans are flooding into America as immigrants looking for work"
And many are being deported back to Guatemala for engaging in gang activity in the US. Guatemala did not have the drug gangsters M18 until they were thrown out of the US (LA.) Trump is not a factor yet. Obama is in charge of expulsions now. Up until now, both parties are complicit, both have their reasons. You’re assuming Trump will get elected? By the way, who are these people like Donald Trump?


Well, I think the person making the statement was referring to racists with political influence and delusions of grandeur. And there’s also these people, of course.


Your link tells about people donating $250 to Trump’s campaign. As far as I could tell none of them had the power, position or influence to deport anyone. They are blue collar folks who like what Trump says about illegal immigration.


Are you saying rhat Guatemalan political dissidents and economic refugees should all come here because they’ve nothing to fear from right wing voters? The people shouting “White power” at Trump rallies can safely be ignored? I’m not grasping your point, for which I apologize, so I can’t figure out if we’re having an argument or simply sharing observations wirh each other.


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