ICE deports separated 4-year-old to Guatemala alone, doesn't tell family, no one to pick her up


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It’s not like they’re people or something.


I’m stuck with the same question that has been circling my head for a while now. What are we Good Germans to do? At what point do the horrific actions of our government justify actions that would generally be unthinkable?


Quoting myself:



I’m sure the fact that nobody shows up to meet them at the airport won’t inflict additional trauma on them. They’ve most likely already been told that their parents no longer want them, so it should come as no surprise that none of the other 7 billion people on the planet give a damn about them either. What doesn’t kill them makes these little 4 year olds tougher, right?


When I ask Trump supporters how they feel about these specific scenarios playing out, they tend to respond on the level of “I’m seeing an increase in pay from the tax cuts and I’m getting double the child tax credit next year.”


You know, if some shadow vigilante group managed to capture a known ICE agent and drop them off barefoot deep in the middle of Guatemala to find their own way home, I wouldn’t shed a tear. Not one.


That’s an easy question to answer: what ever you did before, when it was native born Indians and black people being abused, that’s what you should be doing now. It’s the coverage that’s new, not the atrocities themselves.


This is exactly what they want; it’s not an accident or oversight, it’s inverse terrorism. The Trump fascists are totally down with whatever it takes to “dissuade” migration, especially of the poor and brown sort; these reprehensible actions are just sending a message: you risk your children if you come to America.


When the Trumpsters claim that this is “zero tolerance” we know they’re lying. So too, we should know they’re lying when they say they’re sending a message to southerners thinking about making the crossing. That is not who this message is aimed at.

This is a honey pot. It’s designed to infuriate anyone to the left of Trump. It’s a mass media version of “rolling coal”.

…so… stomping your feet and acting outraged is pretty much exactly what these shitstains want from you. If you’d like there to be consequences to this, you’ll have to look beyond the midterms. They are absolutely not afraid of looking like monsters for the midterms. I think that speaks volumes right there.


In terms of combining malice with futility, it reminds me of the human trash that thought cutting the beaks off of pelicans would “teach them a lesson” to not eat fishermen’s catch.


Thank you for the link, I missed it the first time around.

When I was watching Barry Lyndon last, and I came to the scene with the corsairs, it dawned on me that “violence as a force multiplier” only works as a historical rule of thumb, when victims of that violence cannot communicate as effectively as the perps.

So the more the internet spreads, the more options that civilians have for talking about the violence theyexperience, and the greater their ability to coordinate a response, the less violence serves as a multiplier. At the tipping point, violence becomes a force reducer. I think it likely that we’ve already experienced the tipping point, it’s just not obvious yet.


This is the metaphorical hanged man or spiked head outside the city gates. We’re living in new dark ages.


Fucking scum.


America needs to undergo a de-Trumpification process, with ICE leadership and people implicated in crimes like this going on trial, and everyone else who worked for ICE banned for life from any policing or security job, from FBI and other Federal organizations all the way down to mall cops.


Since the BBS’s resident apologist for this regime’s abhorrent policies about immigrant kids hasn’t been shoveling his usual BS in these latest topics about it, I’ll take this in its place. His stuff verges on satire, anyhow.


Ahahahaaha. Americans accountable for atrocities committed against non-Americans. That would be revolutionary.


So basically literally Omelas.


ICE agent? How about Stephen Miller?


BBS rules prevent me from answering that one honestly.