ICE deports separated 4-year-old to Guatemala alone, doesn't tell family, no one to pick her up


That story sounds like a possible inspiration for the Doctor Who episode The Beast Below.


I think the plan is to drop him off naked in the Alaskan wilderness.


Oh no, he 3rd grade teacher made some bullying remarks, so we need to treat him kindly now… /s


… how is this not illegal under Guatemalan law?
Surely it would constitute abandonment of a child or something? Couldn’t the Guatemalan government prosecute the agents responsible?


Absolutely positively this.

Does it work?

I foresee what is sadder: any effectiveness, real or perceived, reinforcing whatever stated goal the perpetrators (ICE, Cult 45, etc. etc.) are using to justify this evil, will simply end up accelerating a gleeful downward spiral wherein the bad guys seek to outdo each other in evil.

I used to think human creativity was something laudable, something that made us different than mere animals, something evidence of the best aspects of the human spirit.

Now, I am not so sure.

Perhaps creativity is just another tool, like an ax, or money… good or evil, it’s a human choice to make, and as we see on the web, on Instagram and so many other places, humanity’s competitive nature compels us choose, and quite often, choose badly for the damn drama and flair and anticipated adulation.

Human engineering made the Nazi gas chambers and extermination camps, after all. The killing fields in Cambodia. And the Soviet gulags. And the misdeeds Howard Zinn has diligently preserved for us to read, lest we forget. And and and…

How do we get to accountability?
What is the process?

In this decade where a record number of investigative journalists are getting killed

even as they shine their spotlight on the bad stuff, how does one get traction?

Is this where we talk about the Pussy Riot franchise deal?
Do I need to ditch my acoustic guitar for electric?

Long rant from immigrant

Most Trump supporters or Americans who maintain “there were no good choices” in the November 2016 election can tell you “immigrants don’t count for anything. They smell, most don’t speak English, they ALL are gang members or grow up to be gang members. They don’t learn anything about the nation.”

Most of those 102 million citizens who did not vote (discounting those who tried but couldn’t) are so much better – why look on voting as the contract re-evaluation period between the employers (citizens) and the employees (politicians) and exert power to increase effectiveness of legislators when you can cock your head and go “um, Bernie? They’re all the same” while some bewildered pre-literate child is crying either in a courtroom or in some arrival or departure gate somewhere?

Because “Killery” would have someone like Stephen Miller drafting legislation to prevent legal immigrants from receiving citizenship if any member of their family (including US citizens) used public social benefits or children’s health insurance between employment gigs? Why do I have a hard time believing this? Is it because I don’t “know as much” as the bulk of the 102 million adult voters who saw how dysfunctional Hair Furor is, how rabid the supporters were, and decided it was time to let the evangelicals & single-issue voters influence SCOTUS members for decades to come?


Rule of law is dead in the U.S. Organizations like ICE are merely well-armed, well-funded gangs of thugs. Granted, knowledge of their illegitimacy won’t protect you from their bullets or keep you out of jail, but it should stop you from cooperating with them in any way that isn’t immediately coerced at gunpoint. Resist.


excellent metaphor; trumpians would have felt right at home in the feudal system.


I agree that it’s a win-win position for the empathy-benighted: don’t react and they get their way; react and they get their way anyway plus the added bonus of a sadistic thrill, and justification of a “look at the snowflakes overreacting, we have to be tough” strategy.


There’s a free online version of Zinn (done with his permission) here, btw:


Wow, I love this.
And it’s soooooooo forwardable…

Thank you.


There’s plenty of other worthwhile reading on that site, too:


When we get to the point were your children or grand-children ask you “What did you do when the USA did X” a stuttered “…but I didn’t vote for him” won’t do for sure


I wonder if we couldn’t advocate the imf to create a system where SDRs could become the world’s reserve currency, and allow countries to deposit us treasury bonds for sdrs, as well as convert USD denominated debt into sdr denominated debt…

I mean…the us only has 16% of the vote, and although we may be divided here at home, most of the rest of the world is waiting for us to come to our senses.

Having a global reserve currency other than the dollar, and insulated from any one country’s whims, would be awfully attractive.

It would genuinely mean the total collapse of our economy as we have to recon with the excess supply of dollars that rejection would provide, but either personal debts would be inflated away, or taxes would have to spike on the rich…or both. It seems like a win


Perhaps the airline rules on unaccompanied minors needs to be escalated into FAA laws, complete with revocation of pilots licenses of participating pilots in these “re-patrioting” events.


You wouldn’t want the Trump to spoil its perfect record of doing everything wrong, would you?


Even better, drop Trump off on an uninhabited island in the Aleutian chain with a case of MAGA hats and a case of his Trump ties.


Yup, re-patrioting would be the appropriate term for it.


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