Federal judge orders Trump to restore DACA, immigrants who arrived in U.S. as kids can ask for protection from deportation

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/12/04/federal-judge-orders-trump-to-restore-daca-immigrants-who-arrived-in-u-s-as-kids-can-ask-for-protection-from-deportation.html


This only took 3 years, and how many appeals? Those with faith in a single branch would be served well to take heed in just how slow the gears of justice turn.


Why does the image of lady justice have Chase logos at the bottom of the scales?

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It’s a known issue with @xeni’s posts going back at least a year.

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Remember when a judge declared Chad Wolf as illegally heading the DHS and ordered him removed? Remember how they ignored that judicial order? Yeah, they’ll ignore this one too.


It hasn’t been that long yet.

(I know 2020 feels like an entire decade.)


Am I missing something, or is all the government technically has to do to comply with the first part of the order is post a notice on their website? This doesn’t actually order them to accept new applications, just to say that they are. Granted if they try to pull that the judge will likely rip them a new one when the ordered status update is presented on January 4th, but I suspect we may see some malicious compliance in inaction.

I thought this was the single worst thing he did.

I don’t, and it is not because I disagree with you about horrible it is. :frowning_face:
The first thing that comes to my mind is the great expansion of concentration camps where they had been separating families, keeping people in conditions you could be charged for putting a pet in, and losing track of people before the media stopped paying attention. I hope we are not forgetting them too.

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