Trump tweets he'll double down on DACA kids after Supreme Court loss, also 'FOX IS TERRIBLE!'

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Assholes gonna asshole.



Assuming he does resubmit papers on DACA, can the good guys fight a delaying action in the courts until November (or, I guess, January, actually.) Given the speed the justice system works, it seems that should be doable, but I do not know.


The Supreme Court will be on recess till October starting in about a week and a half. They can and sometimes do still act on emergency petitions while on recess, but although I’m sure the DOJ will claim this is an emergency, I doubt the Court will agree.


The reason for the Fox New tweet spasm:

This is the news side of Fox News, not the opinion. The Stalingrad of news organizations. Starved and surrounded by invaders, but refusing to all leave.

(Personal opinion, YMMV. I balk at calling Fox people actual Nazis. Despite the odious nature of the Fox opinion people and any superficial similarities, real German Nazis were an entirely different level of evil.)


Remember the mystery hospital visit? I expect another one soon.


In the end. Not at first. Slippery slope.


Biden is within the margin of error in Texas. The most important of all “red states”

That doesn’t bode well for Trump’s re-election chances.


Given the court schedule it doesn’t really seem possible to get anything done by November.

And as I understand it the court did not call for them to resubmit. It tossed out the policy and rejected their entire process for instituting it and their moving target approach to defending it in court. But did not reject the entire idea of ending DACA.

So the window for ending the program isn’t resubmitting. It’s coming up with a new policy, properly instituted, with an actual legal justification and none of the illegal elements of the last one. Which if challenged will have to wind its way back through the courts.

And from reading the decision the SC seemed to be angling for legislative action as the legit, legal way to do this. It’s very much a process argument. No stance on what was done, but nearly everything about how it was done is illegal. And resubmitting repeatedly, vaguely different arguments and justifications. Often baldly untrue ones was one of the reasons they lost both the DACA case and the recent LGBT discrimination case.

I dunno that that’s been discussed enough in the coverage. These two decisions do a lot to undermine Trump’s base legal strategy. And the same issues keep coming up with gerrymandering and voting rights cases.

TL/RD there’s probably nowhere near enough time for Trump to make any headway here before the end of the year.


After the 2016 disaster with all the polls showing HRC winning by a landslide, I don’t think I’ll ever trust a poll again. JUST GO OUT AND VOTE.


Which does not bode well for there being an election.


I doubt even a good portion of Trump’s own supporters will go for that. Nor will the president have a sufficient number of enablers to pull something like that off.


Two years ago I would have wished for a swift end, but at this point, I’d rather seem him disgraced in the living. First a landslide loss in November, then the Secret Service forcibly escorting him out of office while Obama’s VP takes the keys back (ideally with Obama present), then the rest of his life spent defending himself against charges from SDNY, NY, DC and Maryland Attorneys General from behind bars.


Does this guy ever sleep ?? It’s like 24 hr meth / diarrhea everywhere.


It’s a start.


I said at the beginning of this shit show that there will be an eventual dividend gained from having Donald be the leader of the Republican Party. Everything he touches dies. Same for Fox. Nobody Trump has partnered with has ever come out in one piece. So that’s nice.

I know it’s not worth the price, but I’ve been told to focus on the positives.


All too true. I have no problem with anyone pointing out similarities, parallels, and the possibility of sliding further down that slope. I just can’t (again, as a personal matter) use the term Nazi without using it literally out of respect to their victims. That’s not to say others can’t be just as vile. But we’re creative enough to give unique shitbags unique names.


Yep, this. Whether DACA stays intact or is dismantled is, essentially, on the ballot in November.


His tweets are going to make one helluva presidential library