11-second explanation of Trump's post-election legal campaign

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I don’t know if any of us can fully wrap our heads around how utterly farcical or how dangerous yesterday was. If anyone is interested in seeing what it looks like when a smart, righteously pissed off official pushes back against the wannabe fascists immediately and effectively, here you go:

This is how you do it. You put their names out there. You don’t use euphemisms about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it, and you lay out why they have no possible moral or legal basis for doing what they’re doing. Kudos to Mr. Staebler.


When you are and have been a grown-up for many many years and you find out you can still get a spanking in public.


Yep. The Trump lawyers apparently keep filing the same damn losing legal actions, again and again, in different jurisdictions, hoping to eventually find a judge partisan enough that he doesn’t just throw it out for being a legal farce. So far they haven’t found anyone extreme enough to completely ignore reality.

What happened in Michigan is a bit disturbing, though - shows how a couple blatantly partisan actors can simply do whatever they want, regardless of what the facts are. (Though I understand a state-level board could have certified the vote had they remained intransigent.)


A recent NSFW (language) Oglaf that reminds me of Ghouliani…


I really need to catch up on Oglaf… maybe just re-read it all.


It’s nauseating to see the GOP hivemind rolling out the Othering Meme so soon and so ineluctably, as an attempt to handicap Biden’s legitimacy. With Obama, at least, it wasn’t clear what was happening or that it would stick. I wager this “Stolen Election” meme will have the same longevity as “Obama is a Muslim” meme.

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