Trump's delusional rage hits boiling point as all 50 states certify Biden win

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Nixon won Florida and Ohio and lost to JFK, so apparently it only happens to criminal presidents.


I keep seeing Trumpists saying “If the argument is so baseless then why is it on the Supreme Court docket???” as if being “docketed” actually means something. When a case is “docketed” that just means that the appellant filed the case correctly, not that the court intends to hold hearings.

Being “docketed” is analogous to “Thank you for submitting your résumé, we’ll get back to you.” That doesn’t mean you’re going to get an interview, much less a job.

The Pennsylvania case was docketed too and Alito dismissed it with a single sentence.


Or to being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize because a racist Norwegian parliamentarian was looking for publicity.


If somebody cheated in the Election, which the Democrats did, why wouldn’t the Election be immediately overturned? How can a Country be run like this?

Because that’s not how elections work. If you could actually prove that some people committed election fraud or voter fraud, it’s not like in sports where one side cheats so they automatically forfeit. You would only throw out the votes that you could prove were illegal and you would only prosecute the people who you caught committing fraud, not the candidate for whom fraud was committed.

We actually caught a few people committing voter fraud in Trump’s favor in 2016, so by his logic, he shouldn’t have been president…


I can say as an Ohioan, we definitely love criminal politicians. Our recent House speaker was arrested and charged in a massive racketeering and bribery scandal, then won reelection with almost 70% of the vote. One of our congresscritters managed to get a sizable chunk of the vote from his jail cell after being expelled from Congress for bribery.


This is what US politics is titrating. If we had high ethical standards as a nation, so would our so-called leaders.


This, this, this. I’ve submitted my résumé to a few places where I can tell it’s not worth my time calling back because the job the recruiter described was totally off-base compared to my skills.

My favorite: I was once constantly bombarded with calls for a local job. I work on servers and this was indeed a server job opening. Applebees was desperate for new servers. Someone at HR there needs to clean up their resume filters and look for more than one word.


“How can a country be run like this?”

Last time I looked, the country was run by a bozo, so that would explain how it’s run.


Trump- just STFU already, you lost, people DONT FUCKING LIKE OR RESPECT YOU.

Now go deal with it, I don’t care, but STFU already, you fucking petulant child


This whole fraud scam is extremely annoying.

You mean to tell me that the democrats somehow managed to steal the election but also at the same time didn’t think to win the senate majority? That’s a fuck up that only the likes of trump could pull off.


“Will you shut up, man?” - Joe Biden

Pretty much sums it all up!


Dems should get as united in their talking points as Repubs often are. Saying basically ^^that,^^ CONSTANTLY, would be a great start.


Or respond that, yes, we are such evil geniuses that we undetectably stole the presidential election while keeping the Senate close - oh, so close! - so as to throw people off the scent. We are clearly the superior party in every way. Yield all power to us and we will spare your lives!



seventeen states support the Texas initiative. They can’t all be delusional; this is a deliberate attempt to subvert democracy. What are you people going to do about it ? (I’m not American, I’m just askin’ ) This is not going to “get better” in four years. Indeed, in four years there will be a republican challenger who is less repugnant (because how could there not be) who will make the carefully prepared fields of oppression verdant again. Every voter suppression tactic will have been pursued vigorously by all those who have already demonstrated their undemocratic tendencies, more aware now than ever before that they are on the cusp of the triumph of fascism . Good luck friends


How so?

Delusional in that some of them must be right about massive fraud in their state that favored Biden? If not that, then what do you mean?



Step one: Gain control of the Senate. Either through winning the Georgia runoffs or through political machinations.
Step one-B: Get a quorum in the FEC. Prosecute the violations of election laws that have accumulated over the past 4 years.
Step two: Federal-level vote-by-mail and automatic voter registration (automating the existing Motor Voter system).
Step three: Stack SCOTUS. 11 judges (one per circuit) and we’re in business.
Step four: Bring back the Voting Rights Act.
Step five: Kill Citizens United with fire.



what I mean is that they likely all understand the election was largely fair in that it represented the intentions of those who voted. These attempts to reverse the outcome must be seen as a way to get an undemocratic result, which I find alarming. If they were all delusional as I think Trump and some of his supporters may be, it would still be alarming but not criminal. Not against the law to be wrong, but those who pursue these actions cynically are another matter

EDIT…I looked back at what I initially said, and see I wasn’t very clear. I in no way believe there is any fraud at foot in the presidential election, and believe the majority of those who do believe there was are not sincere . I believe they are trying to subvert the election and that there should be penalties for this behaviour…but I’m not an American, it’s just my random thoughts on the matter


Twitter really needs to change that red warning on the last two tweets to “! This claim about election fraud is false”. I know Jack is grateful to Il Douche for using Twitter in the White House over the course of countless 3AM bowel movements, but really, it’s time.


How can a Country be run like this?

I’ve been asking myself the same question quite a lot, lately - because of Trump and the Republican party’s overt rejection of democracy. I guess we’ll find out if it can, ultimately.

The question is: what can be done about it? Members of one of the two major parties have decided that they’re either willing to subvert democracy or at minimum aren’t willing to speak against it. Whatever structural changes are made to the government, those people will still be there, still feeling that way.