Kari Lake's lawsuit is "embarrassing," according to attorneys who know what they're talking about

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What an amateur. The trick is to talk incessantly about a big kraken lawsuit but put off actually filing the thing as long as possible.


They always look so earnest when they’re being idiots.


All the GQP have left at this point is Trump Cosplay. They ALL think they can “win” if they act exactly like him, despite the fact that he has lost ALL 61 suits that he brought to try to get the election overturned.


I expect it to be a copy n pasted Trump lawsuit.


Unfortunately, members of the GOP are no longer capable of feeling shame for anything.


Thats the playbook, though isn’t it? “Flood the zone with shit” and supply the right wing media outrage machine with talking points, get a bunch of rubes whipped into a violent frenzy, unleash said violent frenzy and…

Well, this is where it all falls apart. They seem to believe the inertia of outrage will somehow topple the largest bureaucracy in Earth’s history.

Next steps: Kari gets a reality show, the campaign manager and lawyers write “tell all” books openly admitting to fraud, Elon asks her to join the Twitter board and she eventually ends up on Dancing With the Stars, reaching a far wider audience than possible as governor.


Or…she fades into forgotten irrelevance…never to be pondered again by person or pet.


One can only hope.


Kari Lake really has perfected the look of terminally constipated confusion previously associated with Tucker Carlson.


Continuing the tradition of MAGA standing for Making Attorneys Get Attorneys.


This please.


But these showboating tactics are great for running a grift/fundraising campaign. “Donate $5 to help me take back our rights!”. The Q-believers line up to give money to these things. It’s just a coincidence that most of the money raised ends up in the politician’s pockets, either by paying their own companies for services or just straight up saying in the small print that they can do it.


“We saw similar kinds of rhetorical posturing in the lawsuits trying to overturn the 2020 election results,” Stephen Vladeck, a law professor at the University of Texas, said in an email. “Unfortunately, it’s become a common tactic among election deniers. Fortunately, it hasn’t been a successful one. And I suspect Lake’s lawsuit is heading for a similar fate as all of the 2020 election cases — not succeeding.”

These lawsuits aren’t intended to achieve the legal result they claim, however, and even the moron lawyers who file them know that. They are PR stunts whose aim is to make a case to their base that they are “fighters,” to fan the flames of election denialism, and to continue to grift donors by asking them to pony up for this big legal challenge. In that regard they seem very successful.


Thankfully, I think this is becoming less true. As far as I know, Kari Lake is the only Republican loser (both in terms of her election and her disposition generally) challenging the results. Even the other hand-picked Trump candidates aren’t doing it. And the majority of election deniers lost their races. I think there’s much less appetite for this sort of thing, certainly among “normal” Republicans and even among some of the MAGA base, since it’s just becoming so embarrassing.


I read someplace else that the merits of the lawsuit don’t really matter because as long as she can keep this “alive”, she is technically still a “candidate” and can draw a salary or pay her expenses from her campaign fund.


I’m fine with her being considered by pets.

Like, say, for example, Triumph.

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Read more about Lake’s latest embarrassing debacle here.

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FWIW repeat Republican loser Laura Loomer filed a lawsuit challenging her 2022 primary loss, but it was quickly tossed with prejudice (meaning she can’t amend it and re-file):

Judge dismisses election fraud lawsuit filed on behalf of Laura Loomer - Villages-News.com

Perhaps the best part of that lawsuit was when one of the plaintiffs publicly demanded to be removed from the lawsuit because even she (a Loomer supporter) believed the election fraud claims were an outright lie.

So yes, it does seem this particular MAGA tactic is on the wane. Thankfully.


‘The GOP is embarrassing according to attorneys who know what they’re talking about’