"Just acknowledge Trump lost!" – MSNBC’s heated discussion with Kari Lake

Originally published at: Kari Lake gets schooled by MSNBC analyst


As tough as Miller seemed to be, he’s still acting as if the fascist was there to debate and answer questions in good faith. She was not.


I do believe that we can agree that we both love America."

Some people love America for what it supposedly stands for. Some people love America for what they can extract from it.


Yes! They keep interviewing these people as if they are running for office in good faith. They are not. They do not want to help anyone except themselves. There are some Republicans who do care about helping people (not a lot, but they do exist), but Kari Lake is not one of them. And treating these people as if they are good people who have just had their hand tied by Trump’s rhetoric is not helping anyone.


If you spend all your time in the conservative bubble echo-chamber, you start to think “election fraud” is the most pressing issue on voter’s minds.

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If I had to come up with an image for “Confused Person” in Britannica, I would go right to this one.


Isn’t she still staying at Trump’s Florida flophouse in hopes he’ll remember her when he makes his VP choice?

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It’d be interesting to see someone take the other tack - have a liberal group sue the Trump campaign in every jurisdiction with a MAGA judge, claiming that because Trump won in 2020 he’s therefore ineligible to run in 2024. Or at least, that because he claims to have won, he can’t also claim to be eligible. It wouldn’t work, of course, but it’d be interesting to see how everyone reacted to it.

Actually, it could also be another Republican candidate; they might be better able to have standing to sue. And they could go with a public message of “Trump is weak and failed to take office even after he won the election.”


If you hitch your wagon to “election fraud being the most pressing issue on voter’s minds”, your concern becomes ensuring that “election fraud” is the only thing on their minds. So you reflect the echoes harder.


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