Kari Lake sets up another Big Lie, calling latest polls fraudulent (video)

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Meanwhile, Hobbs seems to be taking strategy advice from the Third-Way born losers at the DNC.

Get out there and fight, dammit! It isn’t 1992 anymore and liberal democracy is at stake.


In another race against a fascist (JD Vance), Ohio’s Tim Ryan takes that same loser advice in another way.




Kari Lake is currently repeating (retweeting) this lie. (along with every other republican candidate)

Why are republicans obsessed with silly kids?


i wonder if one makes the claim that their opponent isn’t even close to winning, that voters would then NOT turn out and vote for the person making the claim while voters who are for the opponent might feel more pressure to get out and vote?
in other words, hopefully mrs. lake is shooting herself in the foot.


The fact that this is even close is scary. I know it’s AZ, but still.


The argument could be made that the single most important democratic principle is when a candidate for office loses they publicly accept that fact. Trashing that is likely the most alarming of many alarming tendencies of present day republicans. If only there were commonplace election laws where when you file as a candidate you must also sign an agreement to abide by the certified result of the election.


board changed the dress code to allow students to wear tails, ears and collars

What, exactly, is the problem with this? A bit silly? Sure. A bit fun? Sure. Is it really a problem?

I have seen furries, even in the wild. Most recently at a Game Stop. I don’t think they are barking and hissing at people typically. (Is that a thing? Maybe resident furries can clue me in.)

Anyway - let’s assume that is true - what does “With out consequence” mean? I remember slurs, cuss words, and nastiness hurled at me in High School with out “consequences”. How exactly is this any different?

This all sounds like some moral panic like the Satanic Panic in the 90s and 90s. Pearl clutching over kids doing their own thing and rebelling a little.


What’s extremely troubling is the comments under the tweet. Adults are accusing the children of wearing butt plug tails and one guy claimed the child wasn’t wearing underwear to accommodate the tail.

Maybe, okay definitely, those people should be investigated.

The woman is also encouraging everyone to contact the school principal, who she names repeatedly, that can’t end well for that person.


If she won she would have to take an oath to uphold the Constitution, which she would promptly ignore to continue the work of dismantling an elective form of government, to permit the (R) politicians to choose the voters. So I don’t see them taking a pre-election oath very seriously either. Their followers would be perfectly happy to swallow the fiction that they were coerced to sign by Democrats.

On that note, I’ve always wondered why people who maintain elections are unfair and rigged bother running for office, and submitting to the vast bureaucratic machinery of the election process, including primaries, financial reporting laws, etc. etc. Again, the cognitive dissonance of their followers provides a ready answer. “Cognitive dissidents,” I call them.


There’s a darker undertone to this Lake/Hobbs situation that was covered by This American Life recently. There’s been an intentional strategy to replace all the Precinct Commiteemen in Arizona with MAGAs. They are literally trying to do what The Big Lie accused democrats of doing by stealing the election. It’s looking like the Arizona midterm is going to be utter chaos.


O_O JFC, what is wrong with people??? Why would your mind even go there??

I’ve been to enough Renfairs since the late 80s to know that you can get animal tails that just clip onto a belts. I


Not really- We might have some odd mannerism here and there, but we generally don’t bark/hiss at people. At least I don’t…

I see the Furry community is being used as the scapegoat once again for idiots.

:: goes and looks at the twitter post and other posts by that user ::

Ah, tin foil beanie.


Some loperamide should help reverse that verbal diarrhea problem, Kari.


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