There's a notorious Nazi concentration camp guard living in New York City and ICE won't deport him


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Won’t or can’t? It’s an important distinction. If the countries that would prosecute him don’t want him then what exactly is ICE supposed to do. We’ve effectively already said “hey we have this really bad guy come and get him.” No one came. I suppose we could lock him up in ICE detention and waste lots of money on that plus his medical care.


Can’t. But you know, it won’t bait the clicks if that part is made clear.


May I have his address? I’m asking for a friend…


<insert exact same comment as @Lanthade >

What are they supposed to do, put him on a raft and push it off the shore?


From the article, “Palij served as a guard during World War II at the Trawniki forced labor camp, which also trained those participating in “Operation Reinhard,””

You give him a promotion?


Sooo … does that mean that Mexico actively takes back the people we deport to them? The whole problem with breaking up families could be fixed if Mexico just quit accepting deportations (and other countries, too)?


The world isn’t fair when people like this are still alive and neither of my grandpas are. :confused:


The congressional testimony that’s linked from the article points out that they absolutely could do something. The first step is to say to Germany, if you don’t take this guy back, we’re adding you to the list of recalcitrant countries, where you can keep company with Myanmar and Iran. And if that doesn’t work, 8 USC 1253(d) gives DHS the power to stop issuing visas to Germans. That’s a whole lot of power.


I’m surprised Israel isn’t interested. Mossad has caught up with a lot of old nazis over the years.


Exactly what I was thinking – they would LOVE to take him in, I’m sure. I don’t think his stay would be very long, though. Or, well, it would be permanent, depending on how you look at it…


Yeah, that’s what I was about to say. I’m pretty sure they’d issue him the documents required.


And all those illegal immigrants somehow got passports and other travel documents too, apparently.


Simple problem with a simple solution: put him in prison here. Leave this country or spend your last days on Earth in this place…


For this guy… I may be okay with that.


They have a history of not bothering with legalities.


That’s why I suggested it :wink:


I got no love for old assholes like this. I don’t care how much community service he did. Good riddance, old fart.


Quick solution: officially change his name and call him “Gomez”. He should be swept up in a week or so.


True, but this might be easier.