AP: In call with Mexican president, Trump threatened invasion. White House says it didn't happen


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Maybe this is just Trump’s way of getting Mexico to build that wall after all.



Okay, this shit has gone too far.
DO something, Americans! Impeach the orange fuck allready! Hasn´t he done enough damage in the forthnight he is in office?
Love, rest of the world


If true: Fucking idiot who doesn’t deserve to be in power. Or be trusted near babies, kittens, sharp objects.

Also if true: Would make him more beloved by the fucking idiots who voted for him.


Briefly off topic; have you ever seen any of your meme/gif creations re-posted elsewhere by someone who wasn’t you?

Because I’m not sure but I think mine may be catching on.

When I went to google an image for ‘preach’ one of my own gifs showed up on a site I’ve never been on, something called Tenor:


Sooo believable. But everybody on both sides of the call are denying it.
Who’s the leaker and what’s their intention?


do it you pussy


Are we going to have to fight another Mexican-American war? Because the longer time goes on the more appealing the 1848 borders look.


Have Trump and Duterte had a call yet? I’m sure that would make for some very entertaining reading…

“No, you’re the motherfucker!”
“I know you are but what am I?”


Early symptoms of Alzheimer’s?


Yeppers, once it’s on the interwebs, it’s on there forever.


He didn’t threaten to invade Mexico. You all love getting carried away.

He threatened to send the US military to Mexico to enact his foreign policy there. By force. In a sovereign nation. Without being invited.


Oh that, I know.

I’m just thinking maybe I should start water marking the ones I really like…


Yes, possession is 9/10ths of the law, if that means anything anymore.


DO something, Americans!

And by Americans, you do know, right, that you mean the world’s rootless billionaires, their lawyers, and their pet Congress.

It’s not like we can rush a stage. Granted it may be like all of us rushing all the stages, so maybe.


The thing is that Trumpers will cheering hearing this news, invasion or just militarized border, either one they just do not care… Now, that’s fucked up.

Insane in the membrane
Insane in the brain!



Playing pretty fast and loose with the military for a draft dodger… Christ what an asshole.