Marjorie Taylor Greene wants the US to invade Mexico

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Most of South America doesn’t support the USA in helping Ukraine, which is in MTG favor, but if you attack Mexico they are going to hate us even more. Which means they will side with Russia (which MTG likes) but also with China (which she doesn’t like) I’m no political genius of any sort, but has she put any thought into the krap she says?


We’re gonna have to cut Social Security and Medicare to further increase our bloated military budget!


Is MTG a performance art project? Like Fox News clearly is?


Man, if there’s one thing I learned from the Global War on Terror; it’s that 'Murica’s troops are definitely well suited to winning swift victories over irregular adversaries in reasonably hostile terrain while keeping side effects to a minimum.

Maybe if there were a sufficient supply of Rio Grande Kurds willing to be better and more competent allies than our treatment of them would lead one to expect the situation could be comparable to ISIS(not that that went gloriously even so); but I seem to have missed that particular group.


And if there’s one thing I’ve learned from the Russian War on Ukraine, it’s that the war will definitely be over in a few days.



No. She is parroting trump.

Trump repeatedly asked about sending troops into Mexico to hunt down the cartels, with some inside the White House worrying he wanted to do so unilaterally, without the permission of Mexico.

Trump’s insistence that troops be sent into Mexico persisted until around the time Miller was pushing for 250,000 troops to be deployed to the border. Trump was eventually talked out of literally invading Mexico after aides rightly informed him that it would look like the United States was going to war with one of its closest allies.

(Resulting in Title 42 which Biden has kept in place.)


isn’t our southern border already militarized? like national guard stationed along there, especially in texas and arizona?
asking as a resident of a southern “border” island where a large facility has been built to house militaty personnel to stop Black and brown people from Haiti and Cuba from ever making it to the us mainland.

again, i say “STFU, madge!”


Alt headline: “Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t understand how military operations work”

She’s another military genius like Trump. Yeah, it’s no problem to strike a civilian group, living among civilians, with long-range weapons that won’t hurt other civilians. Easy peasy!

Of course, it’s not like she’s thought about this, or is even necessarily actually advocating for it to happen. (Saying she “wants” this to happen is attributing more good faith to her proclamations than is warranted.) Like everything else she says, it’s basically meaningless noise, and whether it happens or not is less important than it gaining her support from her base.


Things are WAAAAAYYYYY back in time. Two names you should give a look: Allende and Operation Condor


Her to do list is the Civil War all over again.
The National Divorce thing is the Civil War.
Invading Mexico was on the Confederate States of America agenda. They wanted to invade Mexico and expand down into South America.
Confederate Mexico


Of course, you recognize the headquarters of Mexican cartels by the large flashing lights, signs reading ILLEGAL DRUGS AND EVIL DRUGLORDS WELCOME! OPEN 24 HOURS! and the great big crosshairs painted around them on the parking lot.


well, if her side ends up seceding, i say we let them and see how that plays out for her.

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I doubt that she much cares about the civilian casualties; what’s more incoherent, rather than merely unpleasant, is taking the position that drugs are something you can more or less unilaterally impose from the supply side(and without even working to coopt respectable medicine, Sackler style) “murdering Americans everyday with drugs and crime!”; but that this would be unrelated to the challenge of dealing with the people pushing the drugs.

Can you imagine how quickly a combination of corruption and drug use would sap the effectiveness of a military force handed an open-ended fight in a more or less stressful and(if not from day one, certainly after the first few massacres) hostile environment against an opponent that’s quite capable of irregular warfare but ultimately more interested in doing business than in throwing themselves at the guns of a regular military force? Even better, since a nontrivial amount of the violence is between cartels or involves local state agents coopted by them, any attempt to cooperate with the locals would have depressingly high odds of turning into you working as muscle for one cartel against their rivals rather than against ‘cartels’ generally.


And how are the cartels making all of that evil money? Because Americans want to buy their product! If Americans didn’t want the drugs there wouldn’t be a market for them. I’m beginning to doubt that MTG can walk and chew gum at the same time.


Which is what The Conversation article said. The USA has messed with SA so much and China and Russia has not. The other point they made is that this is a European problem and well the whole colonization thing comes up again.


My contention is that happy, minimally stressed people don’t tend to want to use drugs for the most part. This is particularly true of hard drugs like amphetamines, cocaine and heroin.
If the Koch’s and other modern day robber barons weren’t so intent on maintaining a desperate underclass, the drug problem wouldn’t be a matter of great national concern.


If she really wanted to hurt the cartels as much as possible she’d advocate for legalising/decriminalising all recreational drugs, and treating addiction as a medical issue. There’s a good chance that would cut their profits to the bone.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if there was laundered cartel money going into PACs or lobbying in support of the War on DrugsTM




Rule of goats. Tucker Carlson is one of the most popular media figures in white supremacist circles. It does not matter WHY he’s promoting white supremacist talking points, HE IS DOING THAT.

If people keep not taking it seriously, we’re fucked.