Trump's US-Mexico border troop deployment could go as high as 15,000


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  1. Staged “border incident” with Mexico on 4th November
  2. Martial law declared in every US state that has a land border with Mexico
  3. Mid-terms suspended to be “fair” to the residents of those states.
  4. Something
  5. Something
  6. Profit!


Alternately, while we’re sending troops to the border, the immigrant caravan enters the US by way of Normandy.

Cue Trump jumping up and down, shrieking, “Grrr! Lucky Ducky!”


how much is that costing per troop/day and what exactly are they going to do for the next two weeks before anyone shows up requesting perfectly legal asylum under a perfectly legal process?

ps. how many kids are still without parents right now causing irreparable harm to them for life? because I guess that number is about to go way up


The US Military is getting played and it’s frightening how easy it is.


Why stop at 15,000? Send 50,000! I’m sure our brave men and women won’t mind spending Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years providing “support” at the border.


another question though, forgive my ignorance, how can federal soldiers be deployed within the USA itself without an actual war/invasion declared?

I thought that was not allowed, I mean they are going to be roaming streets in the usa doing policing activities?


This is so ridiculous. They simply go to the checkpoint and wait their turn, like everybody else. You know he’s fearmongering by making it seem like they intend to enter illegally.


Will that be enough? They’ll only outnumber the refugees 4:1, I don’t know if victory can be assured under these conditions.


I think the plan is to pick up each person and carry them back over the border. Problem sorted.


Maybe Trump’s concerned some of them will defect to Mexico.


The US Military could play Trump and hold a welcome Fiesta and start offering green cards on a first come/first served basis.


Oh thank God! Are you sure 15,000 troops are enough to protect us from a few hundred unarmed families, a thousand miles away? Might want to beef that up, President Courageous!

They’s brown, you know.


Cost doesn’t matter when it comes to the military when the GOP run the show. Only the cost of things like universal healthcare, and welfare services matter.

If they take the election, there may no longer be such a thing as a “perfectly legal asylum under a perfectly legal process”.

“Immigration is a very, very big, and very dangerous—a really dangerous topic,” says President Trump.

Trump: “No, I’m not fearmonger at all. Immigration is a very important subject.”

My eyes rolled so hard they fell out of my skull and landed on the carpet. Now they are all linty and itchy. Thanks Trump.


just spotted this on twitter and I think it checks out factually?
Trump would literally undo his own children’s citizenship…

Ivana Trump wasn’t a US citizen until 1988. She gave birth to Don Jr in 1977, Ivanka in 1981, and Eric in 1984. Revoke their birthright citizenship first.



I have a terrible feeling he’s banking on a soldier getting killed during this deployment - then he and Steven Miller can throw off any pretence of humanity.


I think you’re thinking of the Posse Comitatus Act - but that has a good few exceptions, such as using troops to enforce Federal law or assisting the governor which the White House could probably hope to support its actions.

Troops have been deployed to the Mexican borde beforer and with tragic results:ández_Jr.


Shhh don’t tell him. If he’s dumb enough to do this let’s put Feckless, Chinless and Odo on the next plane to Fuckknows International.


More like two months. They’re on foot, almost a thousand miles away from the closest part of the border, doing ~20 miles a day (and neither traveling in a straight line nor heading for the closest part of the border). Which shows how Trump’s just doing something utterly meaningless as part his attempt to scare his base for the midterms.

It isn’t allowed. The plan is for them to put up some temporary housing and barbed wire across the border, apparently. That’s about all they can legally do. (The National Guard can legally do some policing tasks, but neither the Army nor National Guard can be used to enforce federal immigration laws.) If they see someone illegally crossing the border, about all they can legally do is wave at them.

Probably more than that, even. The caravan’s been shrinking lately.


Omarosa speculates in her book Unhinged that Trump keeps Melania from divorcing him by threatening to revoke her “Einstein” visa if she does, forcing her to leave the country and separating her from their son.