Trump's US-Mexico border troop deployment could go as high as 15,000


Right. We are going to come to next year, look at how much larger the debt is, and Trump will blame NASA, Democrats, etc. instead of tax cuts and trillions in military spending.


What do the GOP crybabies think is actually happening? A big (big) crowd of Hondurans (men, women, children) is going to come to the US border and… what?

Sneak in? This well-documented, much-recorded group?

Infiltrate the US? (If your plan was to infiltrate the country, would you travel with a few thousand other people?)

Jump over the fence and just… melt into the landscape?

I get that Pisspants Nation is reflexively terrified of everything and suspicious of all the not-whites, but what is the actual argument here? Are they not aware that many people come to the US border to seek asylum, etc.?

Do they think all anyone has to do is ring the doorbell and ask to be let in?




That’s a bit of a stretch I feel, and either way she will still hold an EU passport, so no permanent harm done I’d think.


If Canada amassed 15,000 troops along our norther border, I wonder how our government would interpret it?


Well, the Mexican food is authentic and more delicious down here.


Don’t laugh. Those Guatamalan kids are really, really tough. That’s why we need to send 15,000 – maybe a full two divisions – of troops to stand them off. One of them is easily the match of four US soldiers.


Sounds like the exact stuff Alex Jones used to say about Obama.

So Trump will waste lots of taxpayer money stationing troops on a porous border that has up to 20,000 legal crossings a day for business, and this is not seen as a waste, whereas health care, infrastructure, education, these are somehow a poor use of taxpayer money.


It will be like hunting for the Invisible Man. They’ll all link arms and march across a field.


I see that Stephen Miller is along for the trip to Florida. Do they stock the plane with glue when he’s aboard?


“how much is that costing per troop/day”

About the same as it costs for them to sit around doing nothing. Much less than it costs for them to be interfering in some other country’s business overseas.

Trump spent $200,000,000 on the election stunt of sending 6,000 troops to the border, then withdrew them before the caravan arrived

No, with allowances and other expenditures (increased wear and tear, rations, fuel, expendables, increased medical, etc) it’ll be at least twice what it normally costs.


Alex Jones claiming that the Dems are evil does not mean that the GOP aren’t.




And now we’re talking about this dumb-shit idea instead of health care or education. Dirty Donald FTW.


One might say that, on this All Hallows Eve, tRump is playing himself. What would you put in his candy sack?




That face…that launched a thousand memes of disgust.


…and bottled Sarah Sanders farts.


What happens when US agriculture needs more “illegal” workers? Will there be an express lane for that?