Border troops bracing for possible clashes with armed crackpot militias of U.S. citizens, not Migrant Caravan


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Wouldn’t it be nice if the US military made it safe for these asylum seekers running from madness and death?


Ummm… who’s what where now?

Sheesh, shit’s getting hard to follow these days.


I wonder where all the “false flag” dorks are now. As others have pointed out, a caravan of unarmed people who announce they are coming and take that long to do so are not an “invasion”.

Convenient that Cadet Bone Spurs, the Great Cheeto has suddenly now found a reason to deploy troops inside the USA.

No. Really. Where are all the “false flag” idiots?


Didn’t you read the article? They’re chilling at the border. Armed.


Just for clarification, San Ysidro has two points of entry. The newly constructed portal next to the San Ysidro Transit Center (the MTS trolley for San Diego where the McDonald’s is), and the temporary portal, Chaparral, about a half mile away over by the outlet store strip mall, Plaza of the Americas.

Personally, I hope no clashes break out at Plaza of the Americas, because I like Panda Express, no matter how inauthentic.


Well, maybe you could enjoy a double feature? Panda express and a gunfight.


Wait, I think I’ve seen that movie.

Er, read that book?


So this is literally the threat that the Texan militia Good Ol’ Boys™ were concerned about under Obama’s supposedly authoritarian Jade Helm gun grab martial law conspiracy, except they think the boys in camo are on their side and fighting the sinister brown skinned people to prevent them from doing the border hokey pokey and putting their right foot into America’s precious territorial boundaries because god forbid anyone else come over and notice how we don’t want to take care of our own citizens, much less anyone else’s.


What’s the last tally of governors who said that their National Guard units couldn’t be used for this type of operation?


Well that’s the gag. Trump is sending federal active duty troops. Regular Army.


Nothing says recipe for disaster like Reich Wing Red Necks gone wrong.




The US should send humanitarian aid to the caravan. Not 15,000 soldiers.

Well actually, soldiers are often tasked with providing humanitarian aid.

Typically administering aid is a big part of Border Patrol as well. Unless they literally turn them away at the border, I expect both parties will be administering some aid.


Sitting in their tire swings, scratching their bellies and swatting mosquitoes.


The US should send humanitarian aid to the caravan. Not 15,000 soldiers.

Ah well, it’s fine - because they’re not sending 15,000 troops to the border, apparently. Troops are there/going, but there’s been no order to increase the number to 15,000 - it’s just another one of Trump’s lies.
It really shouldn’t be a surprise - even when Trump is being awful, he lies about the enormity of it.


I sincerely hope that tbe situation plays out that way. Because this has all the ingredients for an intetnational humanitarian disaster.
The alt-right eedjits with all their oversized phallic compensators and underdeveloped brains… Sitting in the sun and heat for days, trading horrible racist jokes and playing soldier.
The Army troops in full kit, trying to stay between the refugees… And they are refugees, gorrammit, and anyone who calls them ‘migrants’ is just flat-out wrong… And the eedjits.
All it would take is one panicked scream, one overeager wannabe cowboy shooting prematurely because he just can’t wait for no gott-demmed ‘aggression’…

Please, could someone figure out a way that the refugees coild make their way safely to a “processing center” without anyone getting killed?


We have that figured out. That’s how the system normally works.

The problem is that properly functioning government services is not the goal here. I don’t think Trump and the Republican leadership actually want anyone to get killed, but they definitely want chaos.



Note the date. 2015.

Trump is a horrorshow, but the system was already murderously foul before him.