Trump orders 5,200 more troops & 1,500 miles of concertina wire to U.S.-Mexico border


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Next steps:

  1. Declare that a state of emergency exists all along the US-Mexican border.
  2. Declare martial law in every US State on the border with Mexico.


Since it always comes up:

Which is why Federal troops are generally restricted to surveillance, logistics, and other support. They can’t arrest or detain anyone, much less shoot anyone.

So while they might be middling helpful to the actual Border Patrol, or whatever they are called these days, they are primarily sent to the border for symbolic reasons.


Instead of sending the National Guard to the boarder send them to protect houses of worship and other community centers from American right wing terrorists.


Maybe instead of wasting troops, money on private detention and tying up the immigration courts, we can treat them like every other refugee wave and take refugee/asylum claims seriously.

Of course that wouldn’t appeal to murderous bigots calling themselves Republicans.



They’re calling it “Operation Faithful Patriots”??? Why not be honest and call it “The Fascist Follies”?


“Est. current size of caravan: 3,000-4,000”

You know, more people disembark a cruise ship when it enters a port. I have that many people on my freaking block.


Because “Operation Sham Symbolism” was taken… something like 6 sham military operations ago.


Well. This a wonderful lose-lose situation for the opposition in this country.

Defend the migrants and it comes off like you are calling for open borders (which some are, but which is not a popular idea)

Say that the caravan should be stopped and you give credence to right wing narratives around immigration.

Just in time for a midterm election.

Bear in mind I’m not talking about what the right thing to do is. I’m saying that unless Trump oversteps severely, the opposition can end up coming off poorly here.

Remember the Mariel Boatlift? That issue was politicized for partisan gain. This will be too, times a million, so expect shenanigans.


You’re assuming that the Constitution and any other attendant laws, rules or norms are anything other than paper at this point.

Laws only work if there are consequences.

I believe Pratchett said it best (going from memory here, so a paraphrase): The problem with saying to a dictator “yeah, you and whose army?” is that he just needs to point outside the window.


The original name was Operation Nationalist Zealot, but it just didn’t test as well.


No conscientious objectors? Guessing one could trace deployed soldiers to red states where people cheer these kinds of things.


Regarding the “1,500 miles of concertina wire”, my immediate thought was, “That’s going to be one heck of a squeeze box.”

In other news: Oh, ffs, America!


This tactic of outnumbering potential taxpaying citizens with armed military is a weird level of fear mongering. Who are they trying to scare, refugees looking for a better life, or white people who Trump wants to impress with guns?


That is partial true. Right wing terrorism is something that America has to deal with head on.


The Commander in Chief might play fast and loose, but our military has a bit more sense. I’ll stipulate that troop support for him is a bit higher than the public (but surprising not by much). But our military takes rules of engagement pretty seriously. Troops take orders from their commanders, not from the president. And despite many glaring examples to the contrary, they do try to instill a sense of only following legal orders. Which is taken very seriously among officers.

Some bozo might get excited and take a pot shot at someone running. But for the most part, I’m fairly comfortable our military commanders can mitigate Trumps worst instincts.


Welp, Sarah Huckleberry has already refused to rule out suspension of “posse comitatus” restrictions on deployment of US military as well as rule out suspension of habeas corpus in effort to repel “invasion” at America’s Southern border.

I fear this is gonna get ugly, folks. :mushroom:rump is desperate for red meat to toss to the cult and influence the election. I am more and more reminded of Jim Jones and his Peoples’ Temple. We are watching in real time the decline of basic human decency in this country. God have mercy on our souls.


From “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free” to “This is an invasion of our Country and our Military is waiting for you!”


But who is he even talking too?
He is addressing the “caravan” but I’m going to guess that opportunities to charge their phones are pretty rare.