Trump ordering military to occupy US-Mexico border through Christmas

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Definitely one of the under-reported aspects of this manufactured crisis.


tRumpus ruins Christmas! Only if Trumpanzies gave a shit…


I doubt it ends with just xmas though, think about it, why would he EVER withdraw the troops?

Seriously, they will be there to the summer and beyond, there is zero motivation and no law forcing him to ever remove them in his presidency.

Even if Mueller’s report somehow makes it to congress, even if it’s devastating, nothing will change.

Remember the 25% tariffs kick in January, everything will suddenly get more expensive as inventory goes away.

He wants this border distraction, it takes the news away from everything else.


" This goes to my soul. Fulfilling my role as the designated pinata on Fox News, I am ashamed. This tear gas choked me. We treat these people, these economic refugees as if they’re zombies from The Walking Dead . I think—we arrested 42 people, eight of them were women. With children. We have to deal with this problem humanely and with compassion. These are not “invaders!” Stop using these military analogies. This is absolutely painful to watch. This is—we are a nation of immigrants. These are desperate people, they walked 2000 miles—why? Because they want to rape your daughter or steal your lunch? No! Because they want a job. They want to fill the millions of unfilled jobs we have in the agricultural sector. They want to wash dishes in restaurants, they want to deliver the pizzas. For goodness´ sake, we suspend our humanity when it comes to this issue and I fear that it is because they look different than we do." --Geraldo Rivera on Fox News


As recently as last week he was already announcing plans to withdraw the troops since they had already served their actual mission (supporting the narrative that Trump was “getting tough about border security” during the runup to the midterms). After all, the troops can’t actually DO anything at the border since they are legally barred from domestic law enforcement, and the optics of having a bunch of troops sitting on their asses in Arizona instead of enjoying Christmas with their families could easily backfire with Trump’s base.

Then Trump’s border patrol policies predictably escalated the situation into actual acts of violence, so Trump can’t withdraw the troops without admitting that their mission was never really anything more than a photo-op to begin with.


He’ll just end up blaming all this on liberals and the media and Soros and the UN. He’s counting on his supporters (including those in the families of the troops) to swallow that BS like they do everything else he serves up. Based on recent history the odds are in his favour.


Also, that legal mechanisms for refugees seeking asylum are required by international law. Pointing that out to the “law and order” anti-immigrant folks often precipitates a cognitive dissonance chain reaction.


They’re fine so long as you don’t say he’s ruining the troops’ Holiday.

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Latest images of CPB…

BTW…not really snow, just “planted” cocaine to show how effective they are at drug busts on the border. /s


Such marvelous hats!


Keep Crisis in Christmas!


Trump & Republicans may want to keep the troops there to keep up the manufactured crisis, bc they will use the crisis as leverage for funding his wall in the needed, pending budget bill.

If there are dangerous dark people massing for attack at our border, we need a wall. And we wouldn’t put our troops at the border if the dangerous dark people weren’t massing for attack, would we?


if he really wanted the troops to help ; maybe they could help with the paper work and with temporary humane housing and support ?


:notes: I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas :musical_note:


apparently a large number of american citizens are stuck now on the other side of the border because of the shutdown

so yet another aspect of this with no thought process, just “gut instinct” decisions that go completely sideways

imagine what is happening to the EPA, FDA and every other government agency that was supposed to keep us safe

I was initially against impeachment because of the mess it would make but you know what, we need to make a statement about how all this was completely unacceptable, just voting someone else in is not enough and by 2020 with typical short-memory, everyone will have forgotten about this because voting for Hillary would be been terrible right

Oh, there’s plenty of motivation to remove them. It means he can send them back.

“Trump sends troops to border” is ‘news’. “Trump withdraws troops” is ‘news’.

“Troops still at border” is not.

OTOH, leaving them there achieves the goal of further normalising the deployment of military force within the US.

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That needs normalising?

Only slightly sarcastic.

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Gotta love those 19th century beats!

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