Trump may ban migrants entering U.S. from Mexico, in stunt to win GOP fear vote


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If the guy was really worried about MS 13 and other narco gangs/cartels, he could do something that’s effective by going after their millions by cracking down on money laundering… oh wait, the tax evader in chief will never allow that.



Keep in mind that there is a large group of dedicated committed people who want to blur the lines between church and state and between Jesus and Trump. They will all be voting. Please vote also.


I wonder if he’s still planning to use Army troops (instead of the National Guard) to seal the border, or if his advisors acquainted him with the term Posse Comitatus (or perhaps “act of war against Mexico”).


Well that’s a relief. I thought he had alread, in effect, done it.


Since this terrifying invading cadre of migrants amounts to approximately 15% the capacity of Fenway Park (20% if you include the Soros operatives helping them with food and toilet facilities), I’d assumed that that whole things was a ploy on the part of Red Sox marketing to make sure the World Series had 100% attendance.


Shutting down the border would have a hugely negative impact on border communities on the US side who rely on a free flow of people going back and forth. Seems like one of those threats that could really fuck up otherwise conservative states just before the election. Makes me wonder if Trump’s (bad) political instincts will win out over advice, or if this is just for show (and he’s not actually going to do jack about it).

ETA: When the Trump admin says it has no intention to do something, it’s often because they have plans to do exactly that. So “We have no intention to shoot people at the border” becomes a pretty ominous statement.

I mean, it’s illegal, but using the National Guard to enforce federal law wouldn’t be legal either. Up until now they’ve always been quite careful as to how the National Guard get deployed so as to not actually have them enforcing immigration law. Trump is, of course, not at all careful. We might wonder just how many laws he’s intending to break…

From what I’ve read, the group’s been shrinking. So not even 15% now.


Does the GOP ever have anything in its goodie bag besides fear? Fear of black people. Fear of brown people. Fear of gay people. Fear of female people. Fear of people with bombs. Fear of not-American people. Fear of poor people. I’m embarrassed for them. To be so pants-wettingly frightened all the time.


Trump will officially send Melania’s parents back to Slovinia to prove his point. No exceptions.

Oh wait,… they’re not brown people so that doesn’t count. We can put her parents in detention at Mar Lago forced to play golf while hispanic quasi legal staff
wait hand and foot and make sure the putting green is up to snuff


Is there any way I can convince yall to stop with the mouths-on-eyeballs all the time?
The visuals are getting stuck in my brainhole and it makes everything real itchy


I think there’s over a million US retirees living in Mexico. Often illegally.

Trump is going to keep grandma from visiting you.

He’s said to be putting 800 troops in this military action. There’s 20,000 border control agents. So - if he sends 800 - unlikely- it’s just a 4% bump.

Another photo op.


I’m pretty sure that fear is the only emotional state that offers a chance to blind people from the realization that they are giving all of the control they could have over their own lives to a deranged criminal. They’ve got literally no hold on anyone anywhere without fear. But people would rather be afraid of something in their own head than to see reality and I have no solution for that unfortunately.


trump sees the military as an endless supply of extras from central casting where Mattis is the stunt master in charge.

Anything for ratings.


So to heck with our laws then? I mean we signed on to the 1951 Refugee Convention and the 1967 protocols and our constitution says that treaties are the supreme law of the land so by what authority does Trump suppose he can unilaterally ignore U.S. law… Oh… that’s right. No one dares hold Trump to the standard of legality at all…


This isn’t just a photo op, it’s a huge gift to GOP candidates this fall. There’s almost nothing good about the immigration debate for Democrats.


If your intention is to see less of @beschizza’s special works, the best course of action is to never mention it.

Welcome aboard, comrade.




#FalseFlag. Those are fake immigrants. I can tell by the pixels.


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