Trump spent $200,000,000 on the election stunt of sending 6,000 troops to the border, then withdrew them before the caravan arrived


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A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡
Amazon employees snapped up NYC real estate before headquarters announcement

God. Fucking. Damn.


I’m sure some of his advisers see additional value in getting Americans accustomed to regular Army troops being deployed on U.S. soil at the whim of the autocrat.



You’re probably right though, dammit.


We already knew this was a scam, but fuck…200 million.


Along with trumps complete lack of respect and dignity toward the Veteran’s Day Memorials, his slander against top ranking soldiers who have accompished more in one day before lunch than trump ever has, his bone spur deferments from military service and his denigrating McCain for being captured, this man has the gall mind you, to say NFL players are being unpatriotic. And still millions of veterans praise him. Conservatives are mindless, incometent, lying, immoral, unethical fools, every single one of them. And if anyone can support conservative politicians, they are exactly of the same heart and mindset. FOOLS.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


You have to put it into terms her can understand. Donnie - that’s 1,000 Mar-a-lago memberships!


“Now watch this drive!”


Usually when someone spends money to influence the government, I’m shocked at how cheaply it can be bought.

So today’s experience is somewhat novel, in that it’s a remarkable amount of money to spend, and the democrats are still picking up near 40 seats in the house

(possibly this stunt cost Beto O’Rourke his election, but still, you’d think keeping a democrat out of the Texas senate shouldn’t cost 200 mil)


That’s like, Lottery money there


that’s $40,000 for each person in the caravan


That same $200,000,000 could have funded Mike Pence not watching 615 football games, so moving 6000 troops and material to the border for that sum is a good value by this administration’s standards.

Of course, if you want to do something boring with the money, $200,000,000 could help offset the $3.1 billion price tag associated with extending the Children’s Health Insurance Program through 2019.


I am glad Cadet Bonespurs finally got his military parade.


And he marched them all to the top of the hill
And he marched them home again.


To be fair, by law the army isn’t allowed to actually do anything directly about the migrants unless they try to invade with tanks and guns. So they were sent down there to install hundreds of tons of concertina wire and floodlights so the border patrol can continue to do what they were already doing. This was no less of an election stunt, but it’s not like there would be any point in keeping the troops there when the migrants actually arrive.


Probably one of the few times that he’s pulled out.



Still gonna need mind-bleach, but good one.


Yeah the optics of moving troops to secure the border is a great way to rally the base, the optics of keeping soldiers from enjoying Christmas with their families because they are stuck sitting around doing nothing is another thing entirely.


Still waiting on the admission that the military is a multi-trillion dollar election stunt