In Guatemala, a popular uprising may send a US-backed president to prison. It's about time

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Good on ya, Guatemala! Rule of Law wins the day!

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Can’t really think of a group of people who deserve this victory more.

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Are they sure they want to call this “Guatemalan Spring”, considering how well the other so called “springs” have turned out?


That’s one reason I’m pretty cynical about this.

The other reason is that it’s pure fantasy that anyone in the US government would ever be prosecuted for anything related to this. Charge away, but good luck getting any further than that. Maybe they’ll scrape up a low level Oliver North type to throw under the bus, but I doubt it. One might say the resulting investigations and the sunshine they cast will be worth while anyway, but will it really, when everyone who cares already knows about US involvement. Those who don’t care, well, there are none so blind and all that.

I’d say the best to hope for is that the guy and his accomplices go to prison, and the next president and his/her cronies are slightly less corrupt and murderous.

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