Where are the Discuss links for feature articles?

The feature articles on the right-hand column seem to be frequently missing their Discuss links. Either that or I just can’t find them.

For the top six featured articles on BB right now,

Beyond those six, I’d say the vast majority of recent featured articles have no link.

There do seem to be discussion pages, like for the Guatemala article at top I found this, but I don’t know if people are finding them just by searching.



I noticed that on the latest Piskor comic, too.

I noticed this last week on an Offworld post about gaming slang in China and @-ed the appropriate parties to deafening silence.

here’s another user-made thread about this:


They often just don’t show up. We don’t know why and haven’t had time to troubleshoot.


Yeah we need to look into this. A few standard guidelines are

  • author must have a bbs account
  • their bbs account must be in the right group to have permissions to post in boing category

But in the cases above the authors should be OK, at least the ones I spot checked.

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Another one:

@beschizza is too busy making more logos in Papyrus, and hasn’t had time to look into this.


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