Guatemala's Attorney General calls for the arrest of President Otto Perez Molina


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A little more meat to the story (such as a quick summary of what he was being arrested for) would have been nice. Also, English translations of the tweets would have been good, too.


This stuff is pretty easy to come by.



  • RTFA
  • On the site proper
  • I can’t help you with the translations
  • Use google
  • Also, just… ffs


I’d like to thank Ronald Reagan for backing those brutal thugs and making me completely embarrassed and appalled by my government. He turned out to be a worthless piece of garbage with the usual faux morality of a politician.


That’s in the job description, isn’t it?


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  • RTFA
  • On the site proper
  • I can’t help you with the translations
  • Use google
  • Also, just… ffs

[/quote]Oh, I did look that stuff up. I was just commenting that it seemed really lazy to do a blog post about it that’s just a copy/paste of a page worth of pictures, but not give more than a 2 sentence summary as to what’s going on (that doesn’t even give any hints as to why it’s happening). Add to that 2 pages of foreign-language tweets with no translation and you have a post that smacks of no effort at all.

I’ve come to expect better of Boing Boing over the years, and I’m just commenting on that. I love this site, and use it as one of the two main sites I use to get news of what’s going on in the world. I’d like to see it stay at the high quality I’ve come to enjoy.


I fear I’m too much of a cynic, but… while it looks like a great step forward and I applaud them for getting rid of a corrupt asshole and trying him …

He was president. So he was elected. So he had supporters.

So what is happening? I cant imagine they just dissolved or moved to the opposition in mass.

What I mean is that even in a country ruled by a thief and murderer, they arent alone, so things cant be as easy and painless as we hope. There is going to be a lot of people in a lot of influential places moving to, at the bare minimum, shelter themselves. Or more.

Yes, I’m fun at parties of national liberation :confused:


On the other hand (and yep, talking to myself), let me say:

From Spain, another country ruled by ladrones,

Ole vuestros huevos, guatemaltecos.





Bernie Sanders doesn’t think so.


This is a start. One down, a few thousand more to go.

Next: Tony Blair? Bush?


Aaaaand… Otto Perez Molina has resigned.


@Kimmo, it’s like you’re being willfully ignorant to the point I was trying to make.


The point being, he was disappointed in bOINGbOING.


Aren’t we all?


Maybe if other news outlets had videos of puppies in wading pools filled with plastic bottles. Until then there is nothing that can do it for me like this site.


So he has a snowball-in-hell chance.

I hope I am wrong.


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