National strike in Guatemala demands president linked to corruption and mass murder step down


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I listened to the D Now! segment this morning and was appalled anew at the level of U.S. complicity in such widespread horrors.

Can you imagine American going after a sitting president for corruption?

Nope. Can’t imagine the U.S. going after a former president for any crimes either (and no, in my book, having sex in the oval office with a blue dress or whatever is not a crime – Clinton’s actual crimes were many, but we don’t generally even remember them, let alone regret letting him get away with them).


Xeni - Thanks for posting an important story.

Allan Nairn and Amy Goodman have been working together for decades; I first met them back in the 90s, when they were reporting on East Timor - they’d been reporting on a protest there when the government troops massacred the crowd, and Nairn was injured, and after they got back to the US they were giving lots of public talks about it.


You’d need to admit the crimes of too many people to do that. You’d need to admit there were crimes. Full stop.


The whole situation seems ghastly, and people -generally- don’t get excited by a call to indict and prosecute apparent myriad US war crimes committed during the 2003 Iraq War and subsequent years of occupation.

Their wrathful arrogance and the strategic idiocy were a product of many criminal minds working in alliance. As far as I’m concerned there’s a monster in the Federal closet and nobody seems willing to lock it up before it kills again. It’s a poison to many of the places where it’s caught exerting its influence. The destabilizing influence on civilized government elsewhere feels beyond disheartening to me. How much longer can this sort of thing go on before enough has been enough? Is there any reason to believe the Federal system in sum total will improve its outcomes in the world or reform itself into a different creature without a complete change of the US rulebooks ranging from campaign finance to executive authority?


While these are all good things, many people in the US remain ignorant of what’s done in their name beyond their borders. The few things that come to light (in the US) seem so isolated they get disavowed easily. You can’t get them to care about things they don’t know about.


Don’t they have a proper procedure for this, like impeachment? Rule of law is probably worth a lot more to Guatamala’s future than justice for the crimes of 30+ years ago to be honest. Government instability and lack of rule of law are defining features of a banana republic. In addition to unwelcome US intervention of course.


As has been said before, you can’t win a rigged game by playing by the rules.


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