Nicaragua: Ortega blames civilian murders he ordered on a 'coup-mongering satanic sect' (he's lying)

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“Christ, what an asshole”


Duh! I remember times where Ortega’s Nicaragua was widely regarded as “the good socialists”. We bought coffee from Nicaragua to support the FSLN’s effort to build that socialist model we had all been hoping for in vain for so long. We also ignored rumors of bad treatment of Mestizio Natives. But yeah, I guess many of us know better now.


This is the kind of power and control that Trump is hoping for.


out of all the ways that people monger, whether fish, iron, mung, or what have you, coup-mongering is just the worst. And such low pay!


the nicaraguan people can’t catch a break. the first time ortega was president it was the united states funding the terrorists and now it seems to be ortega doing it.



In 1981 the Sandinistas overthrew the Somoza government in Nicaragua, (1) and until 1990 about 25,000 Nicaraguans were killed in an armed struggle between the Sandinista government and Contra rebels who were formed from the remnants of Somoza’s national government. The use of assassination manuals by the Contras surfaced in 1984. (2,3)

The U.S. supported the victorious government regime by providing covert military aid to the Contras (anti-communist guerillas) starting in November, 1981. But when Congress discovered that the CIA had supervised acts of sabotage in Nicaragua without notifying Congress, it passed the Boland Amendment in 1983 which prohibited the CIA, Defense Department and any other government agency from providing any further covert military assistance. (4)

But ways were found to get around this prohibition. The National Security Council, which was not explicitly covered by the law, raised private and foreign funds for the Contras. In addition, arms were sold to Iran and the proceeds were diverted from those sales to the Contras engaged in the insurgency against the Sandinista government. (5) Finally, the Sandinistas were voted out of office in 1990 by voters who thought that a change in leadership would placate the U.S., which was causing misery to Nicaragua’s citizenry by it support of the Contras.


Wow, I was a huge supporter of him and the Sandanistas back in the 70-s and 80’s. He was always fighting the good fight. Now he has become the dictator. Does any good come from any action or belief or is this just one big fucked up world where we simply destroy ourselves. there are two alternatives. God exists but he just doesn’t give a fuck or we control our own fate and we simply don’t give a fuck. What’s the point? When my time comes it will be good to just lay down and die.


Yeah, in between this and Aung San Suu Kyi being complicit in genocide…


“We’re not rebelling against an authoritarian dickhead, we’re a … a … Coup-mongering Satanic sect! Yeahhh, that’s the ticket!”


Now to convince the powers to be at the NRA they should have their fundraising functions in Nicaragua, so that Oliver North and Daniel Ortega can come to a final understanding as to who was ultimately at fault for the current conditions.


I remember that Oliver North had to get “creative” with his fundraising efforts to bankroll this additional military assistance, despite no help from Congress.

Somehow his new/current role at the NRA, he can now continue these efforts with lobby dollars. I just wish he conducted the fundraisers within present day Nicaragua.

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Edgar Chamorro is probably ready to move on from teaching Poetry at Bard.

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I hate to be so cynical, but I can’t help but wonder how long Abiy Ahmed will remain a breath of fresh air (which, to be sure, he is right now).

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In the past, America has interfered covertly and overtly in Nicaragua to pursue its own interests.

No danger of that now! Trump will of course be fully approving of Nicaragua “straying into autocracy.”

I don’t think he was ever “good.” It was just that same Vietnam-type situation where an corrupt dictator propped up by the US was arguably “worse” than a popularly-supported nationalist/communist regime. Virtually anything would have been better than Somoza. Ortega was at his “best” when he gave up power to popular elections in 1990.

Animal Farm wasn’t just a satire. It was much more.

Congratulations, Daniel. You’ve become Somoza.



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He’s been going that way for a while.


Probably, yeah. I didn’t know he was even in the picture anymore and then this. I remember lots of my friends wearing those red and black star brooches. Not me: I was an Anarchist :wink:

“In the past, America has interfered covertly and overtly in Nicaragua to pursue its own interests.”

Let’s not blame an entire continent (or two)- I think you mean the United States…