Interview: Noam Chomsky on Nicaragua's autocratic Ortega government

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Is the Trump administration taking credit?

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what responsibility the United States bears for the current state of the South American nation

I’m pretty sure that whatever the US did, they didn’t move Nicaragua to South America.


Stoopid Sandinista ingrates - and with all that berry flavored lube supplied by USAID and National Endowment for Democracy, with the best of intentions. Why can’t they just vote right? (works good for bluetooth earbud irritation as well)

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It is possible to think both are bad. Ortega has been far more authoritarian than left wing in recent years.


Between the anti-choice laws and the accusation that his opponents are members of a Satanic cult it would seem that Ortega finally decided to re-interpret the term “the opium of the people”. Instead of seeing it from the traditional Marxist point of view of the rehab centre operator he now sees it from that of the drug pusher.

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Noam Chomsky is a smart guy, but his history as an apologist for the Khmer Rouge makes me look at his prognostications on the politics and morality of foreign regimes with a rather jaundiced eye.


You don’t think that the United States should help rebuild all of the countries they’ve ruined?

“prognostications” ?

If “both are bad” who gets to choose? “Our colonies are ours” said Monroe, et al. Satan is as Satan does.
The eminent Chomsky is answered well by Roger Harris. Noam Chomsky can be forgiven his lack of forceful anti-imperial response in that interview - his 234 year old record speaks for itself.
Max Blumenthal and Dan Kovalik have been on the ground there recently.
Chuck Kaufman has also been chronicling predations of empire many BBoingers seem to favor.
A condition of the NICA act is that our goon squads trade the bandanas for white helmets.

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Not the Nicaraguan libertarian-socialists who wrote that article about the Nicaraguan pensioners, apparently.

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