Enpass Password Manager keeps all your passwords shrouded in mystery from hackers

Originally published at: https://boingboing.net/2020/10/01/enpass-password-manager-keeps-all-your-passwords-shrouded-in-mystery-from-hackers.html

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You’ve been rocking the same Gmail account login since your freshman year of college … Right now, a computer has been tested to spin through over 100 billion password guesses in a single second. Against that, “football” stands absolutely no chance.

Here’s where the text lost credibility. That machine takes a list of password hashes and looks for matches. That’s of no use in attacking a gmail account.


Great idea until it’s hacked by some 17 year old in Romania. No thanks.

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I’ve been doing fine with Keepass for years.

As for football standing no chance, that assumes they aren’t salting the hashes which makes things exponentially harder, even more so if they’re using bcrypt or scrypt.


I highly recommend using these kind of password managers, although I think there are better ones than Enpass. LastPass is the current top rated according to Tom’s Hardware, with a pretty feature full free version to use. I personally have Dashlane and love it, but it’s a more expensive program (formerly the top rated program when I purchased it).

Or you can use Firefox which has Lockwise built in and install NoScript and uBlock Origin to get rid of the pesky trackers and ads.

Safe-In-Cloud does the exact same thing and is much cheaper. The Windows app is free and I believe the Android app (it has been a while since I bought it, so I am unsure of the current price) about $5.

I use the utopia ecosystem and I know that I am not being bullied, because it is the most secure platform

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