Entitlement du Jour

Here’s a fellow who bought a few self-inflating 50-person emergency life rafts and deployed them in Dolores Park with the stated intention of getting cited by the park rangers. After he was cited, he started a Reddit thread in which he complained and argued about the park rangers citing him for deploying self-inflating 50-person emergency life rafts in Dolores Park.


Taken as some form of art project, I can approve I suppose.

I can approve the principle of trying to ensure officials use the laws in the right way.

If he highlights gaps in the code or a need for better training for park rangers (ie. if they really are citing people using the wrong bits of the code), well and good.

Alternatively, one could just not be an ass.

I do like the idea that a public body is/should give a permit for someone to put up a bunch of upside down life rafts for people to use as trampolines.

Because that doesn’t sound like a liability/public order nightmare at all.

I couldn’t care less about liability and public order, really, but those rafts will kill the grass under them if left for more than a couple of days. I can see why the rangers would find them problematic.

And that was the great flaw in his plan; he should have laid the rafts upside down so that only their rims squished down the grass. He still would have been cited for squishing down just a little bit of the grass and thereby gained the moral high ground.


Apparently that was his plan, lay them upside down and use them for trampolines, literally “for kids and drunks” if I am reading this right (Thus, @L0ki’s comment on liability).

But they’d still kill the grass eventually by blocking off sunlight. I left a big yurt set up in my yard for too long a couple of years ago and I still haven’t got the meadow fauna repaired, there’s a circular patch all fulla crabgrass and lesser celandine… like i said, I can imagine the park rangers going “oh, no, he’s got no permit, so we don’t know how to find him, he’s gonna leave those here and then we’ll have to figure out how to get rid of them before they kill the grass!”


I’d think that would be the main issue for anyone whose job it is to ‘police’ any park setting: Major trash issue. Not to mention, if the rafts were simply left where they were and anyone injured themselves BECAUSE RANGERS “ALLOWED” PEOPLE TO USE THEM, then the park service would have left themselves open to litigation (however frivolous).

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I didn’t know such a thing existed but now I want one on general principle


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