Entrepreneurs in NYC charge $20 to peek at Banksy stencil

How much to view the Steven Col-bear “hanksy” art? (If you missed Thursday’s episode, go grab it)

Not true.


Actually, I’d say Banksy’s art has demonstrated extreme success in channeling messages to the proletariat. Everyone in the UK can recognise a Banksy, and most are familiar with his counter-surveillance work. No-one really likes cctv looking at their private lives, but Banksy gave that feeling a universal image that triggers all the time. A logo, if you will.

Art is only in the service of the super rich when the artist follows hers metier with the intention of becoming a paid lapdog.

99.999% of artists never smell super-rich money anyway.

I am, by the way, a fully unpaid up member of the proletariat. I take photos - some of them are beautiful.

Wanna buy one?


Mikey, please do your homework.

Banksy was painting trains when most ‘hipsters’ were still in nappies.

Do your reading, I didn’t write BANKsy were hipsters. It attracts them. Some of their stuff is clever but its very trite in the fact its gimmicky at best. Just because I don’t like it does not mean it’s not art. Then again some people love the Kardashians and the drama they create.

Banksy did say up front that his NYC ‘residency’ would include performance art…

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