Entrepreneurs in NYC charge $20 to peek at Banksy stencil


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I want to wake up in that city
That doesn’t sleep
And find I’m king of the hill
Top of the heap

etc etc etc

If I can make it there
You know, I’m gonna make it just about anywhere


Hmm, get them some suits, a lawyer, and a Delaware corporation that mysteriously books all its revenue through an uninhabited office in Bermuda, and suddenly a couple of thugs become ‘Content Providers’ employing an innovative conditional access module to monetize access to premium content.

Do you think they need an analytics provider?


By the way - I’ve already got some people in place - we’re going to lift that section of wall and auction it here in London.

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Is there any doubt that this and the painted-over stencil are part of the act?


Here’s the kicker: that guy is Banksy.


Ahem… doncha think ya oughta preface yer remarks by saying “Spoiler Alert?” Me and the missus already put down a deposit on the forthcoming HBO documentary and here ya go, demonetizing dat shit and givin’ away the ending. Dasm! You people who think Art should be free have never had the privilege of paying for it. Dasm!

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deface all banksy. Hipster bullshit.

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If not, fuck that asshole.

As an artist, I’m so tired of people who don’t “give a fuck about” my art unless it can make money for them. Also, the ones who will only buy a piece if you’ll come over and clean out their garage for them or something similar, as if what I do isn’t really work.

As much as the real estate business sucks, bless the agents who love to rent art from independent artists to put on the walls when they’re showing property.


I was going to say this guy was hired/set up by Banksy, but I like your idea more.

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It sounds like you’re saying people should value art (or any other workproduct) simply because of how much work/time it took to create it.

The man, the stencil, the street, the argument, the spectators. . .
All of it is THE art. The video is the art. No need to see more. You got the shot.
Move on.
That’s what i’m talkin bout.


I think your comment was the art too.


One would have to ask why you are here?


The lesson of Banksy is everything can be commodified, even when you go out of your way to make something uncommodifiable. From feudalism to consumer capitalism, to the neo-feudalism of today, art will remain forever in the service of the super rich.

In contrast, the trollish entrepreneurship of these gentlemen is rather refreshing. I hope to see them making their own Banksy’s shortly.

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The threat of violence against the stencil is what angers me…

Allow me, if your will, to misquote a lyric:
“Twenty dollars to see a stencilled wall, that’s just some ignorant bitch shit
I call that getting swindled and pimped, shit
I call that getting tricked by your inner hipster”

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The failure to follow thru is what displeases me

Not exactly.

There are different kinds of value tied up in a work of art, both intrinsic and labor. Too many people recognize the value of a piece from rarity caused by a limited supply chain, but not enough recognize how much labor, and often contemplation, comprises that piece.
One should also consider the risk involved in making graffiti in public spaces, especially if it’s not sanctioned by the city – fines, jail time perhaps? For Banksy even, the risk of losing his anonymity (I don’t know if he’s actually been exposed yet or not).

So yeah, fuck the people who would commandeer the art that was meant to be seen by the public – much less threaten to destroy it.

The biggest insult I get from people these days is when they suggest I get a “real” job. Hell, half the jobs that drive American markets today have nothing whatsoever to do with necessity, and everything to do with getting paid, so why is art not work?

To each her own. I think his work is generally brilliant.