Epic colony simulator Dwarf Fortress coming to Itch.io and Steam


Are you telling me that currently in Dwarf Fortress the dwarves can’t die of dysentery?


I don’t know, but some of the dwarves probably wish they could. I have read some of the stories about dwarven child-“care”.


i had thought for certain that i’d previously purchased this on steam before realizing i was not smart enough to play it.


Given some of the strange things that are causes of death for dwarves I can’t imagine some form of dysentery is not in the game. In one of my favorite plays about half my population died of severe nerve damage when some solders track the toxic blood of a Forgotten Beast into the main dining hall. The ensuing death spiral ended the fort soon after, but that had very little to do with what really made that play memorable.

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The well-remembered ‘cats getting drunk and vomiting’ story also points to this inevitable conclusion.

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