Epic space exploration game No Man's Sky gets another massive free update

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A good friend of mine is a massive NMSer, indulging when he can (in a healthy way, tho) and every now and again starting a new game/campaign/savefile for the pure joy of it. Wowed by the trailers like so many of us, he kept faith and now ranks it as probably his all-time fave - and he goes back to the ol’ Invaders, like me (and I’m sure you, Rob :-)). It’s a nice thing to see. Those of us who grew up dreaming of the stars now actually HAVE them, at least in a Plato’s-cave, shadowy sim way…


A new patch with a ton of stuff I’ve wanted? I’m so there!

Seriously, I got this game when it was brand new and it was… okay. Maybe not $60 worth of okay, but I liked the laid-back feel of exploring the universe. The yearly updates have added massive amounts of new content and it’s WAY worth the price, even before this latest update. There are things I would change if I could, but overall it’s one of the coolest games around these days.

Hmmm… I feel a little ill, may have to take the rest of the day off from work…


This makes me happy.
I bought the game on release day and currently have well over 300 hours into game play.
There is no real story per se other than some chasing around “friends” but it is a very Zen sort of experience. When I don’t want to blow shit up and just tool around looking at new stars and putting my name to them. I have a naming convention that is pretty consistent My Gamer tag, Shaftoe and roman numbers for each new system I decide to actually name and then alpha beta capa etc the planets and numeric for any moons. So if you happen upon Shaftoe XXII Alpha or some sort, that was me.

Though I suspect that the naming does not persist across players experiences


I’ve bene playing NMS in VR and it’s amazing.


This looks INCREDIBLE!!! What type of system does one need to play this?

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Not much, i3 and a GTX 480.

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Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home - Everybody Remember Where We Parked


So what you are saying this overhyped project needed three more years of development??
Just to deliver what they promised?

And your happy that after three years they deliver?

I am still not buying it. Nor will I ever buy anything from them.

Isn’t that the whole idea of MMORP?

that happens to me, like, every time I play! I wander off and get totally lost!
that said, I think I’ll fire this up and download the update. I have enjoyed this game from the first release.

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