Noctis is the missing link of open-world space sims

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Oh!! Noctis was a fascination for me many years ago, and I can’t fire up games like No Man’s Sky without thinking about that lovely, lonely universe hidden in mere kilobytes of procedural generation.

What a wonderful reminder of that lovely gem. The beautiful loneliness of that game and its ultra lo-fi graphics remains with me.


I miss Elite. I had great times with it. There was no winning, just making more and more money so yu can buy badder and badder ships to kill more and more pirates. Docking was hard, so I always bought the auto-docking add-on first thing.

Said pretty much every elite player, ever :smiley:

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The last time I read about Noctis, the developer was working on an operating system which the next version would use.

Now that’s some serious scope-creep!

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