No Man's Sky trailer offers glimpse of vast sci-fi wonderland


Spore is all procedural too, and this looks a lot like Spore. I hope it’s more fun than Spore. I’ll probably be right behind you in line!

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I’ll be there. Any comparison to Elite deserves close inspection!

The first game to get the procedural generation working well should blow the roof off. A fully dynamic world / universe that actually functions? Bring it on!

Ah … sorry kids, daddy’s er … busy. No no no it’s not a game! It’s a … y’know … no it’s not quite work … it’s … investigation. Now have you finished that Lego Taj Mahal? Along with you now! Show daddy how clever you are!


We already have a procedurally generated space exploration game. Unfortunately it’s not very well balanced, and we are still in the very earliest stage of the game.


It looks spectacular. I can’t seem to find solid info on a release date yet.

Trailer looks alright. But it’s no more than a tech demo. Nothing about story or gameplay (other than hearing one of the devs mention something about “exploration”, whatever that means).

So until they come up with something (once they’ve found investors – as that’s what the trailer was aimed at), I’ll sit tight and keep an eye on Elite: Dangerous instead.

Story? Who needs story when you can make up your own one?

Would you call Minecraft a tech demo because it has no story?


I mentioned “story” because that’s one of the things the game could be about. Didn’t mean to imply that it needs to have one to be worth of my interest.

It’s all fun and games until those pesky Lambertians re-interpret reality on us.

Seems like it could be this decade’s Noctis. A lot of people, incluiding myself, had been waiting so long for something like this.

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What’s with the 3D option in the video? Can the whole game be rendered in 3D?

The high cost of entry is bit prohibitive, though.

And damned if I’ve run out of credits again! Now where’s that cheat sheet…

Maybe this will be like Manhole!

I call total shenanigans on the “every atom is procedural claim”, because no computational system in the world can simulate a virtual game world on the atomic scale.

This is just as much of a blatant exaggeration as when the first Fable game claimed that choices as small as treading on and killing a certain flower would irrevocably change the world - it’s essentially outright lying to produce a higher expectation of the game than is reasonable.

Why can’t cities and buildings be procedurally generated too? Cities and buildings follow rules about how they are constructed, so apart from the odd special case, basic buildings could be procedurally generated.

One of the things I am most looking forward to in Elite: Dangerous is the potential for exploring procedurally generated planets and systems. It is entirely feasible to come across a planet/system that just happened to have a very unusual set of random seeds to create a system so bizarre that no one could have foreseen it. I can imagine a few outliers like this occurring in such a game, and makes the idea of space exploration within a virtual world an interesting prospect…

The designer of the inspiration for Minecraft (I can’t remember the name of the game, but it’s all text) programmed trolls or something to favour eating small things (or something), and later discovered that without any intention, they were eating small creatures (or something like that - sorry) - in essence, when you just set rules and let them be applied freely, all sorts of things can and do happen that are unexpected!

I so want this to be good. Dem spaceships…

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