Equifax's CEO isn't sure whether they've finally started encrypting their servers yet


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This is a solved problem. All they need to do is implement it!
Assuming they’re using a relational database to store the critical details of folks’ lives.

Also here’s what ‘rot26’ cipher looks like:

$ echo “my private data” | caesar 26
my private data


rot13 is more secure


Well now, let’s be fair. Honestly, I don’t know either.


Since the CEO is only accountable to the shareholders, apparently they don’t care, either. If being excluded from their DB is a shareholder perk I should look into whether I have them in my portfolio.


If you want the best security you can just apply rot13 twice


Yea, it’s always hilarious when top corporate executives can’t even explain DES in detail. That’s why they earn so much less than programmers.


It reminds me of the running joke in the film “Margin Call”: the higher up we go in the org chart of the Lehman-like firm the less anyone understands about the derivative instruments that are about to bring the firm and the entire economy crashing down.


Equifax’s nation-destroying data-breach was subsequently revealed to be just the latest in a series of unbelievably careless IT blunders,

Edit: unbelievably completely believable careless IT blunders.

I suspect the writer has not worked in IT.



$ echo "my private data" > /dev/null


Wasnt really derivatives. Was just taking too much risk with not enough capital. But if you knew any Lehman’s execs, a scummier bunch was hard to find.


Shareholders should be upset they are giving the milk away for free.


The fact that these questions were asked of a CEO instead of a CIO tells me all I need to know.


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