Eri Gentry, founder of DIY biohacker lab, talks about her favorite tools


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I’m sure Eri is a brilliant maker…but damn! Here are the instructions for applying (the thought of placing contacts onto my eyeballs creeps me out, so this stuff is right there in nope-nope-nope territory).

She’s spot-on with – great site!


After the headline, I was hoping the list was of things like cheap DIY CRISPR rigs and sequencers.


If you “outsource your life”, someone else will be living it. Not exactly my idea of self-fulfilment. YMMV, of course.


Eyelid tape just sounds unnecessary and dumb


Are you an east Asian who wears eye makeup and often wakes up with just one eye that has an epicanthic fold? If not, your comment is unnecessary and dumb. It’s like, “I don’t want it, so no one else should either.”


No, but this sounds like a product nobody needs, not something I don’t need. The process of applying the tape seems more trouble than it’s worth, for a very subtle cosmetic improvement. The whole thing raises red flags, and it’s an understatement to say I don’t get the appeal.


An astonishing lack of empathy. Nobody needs to shave or cut their hair, either. Do you?


I don’t have much hair to cut, but I don’t shave. I see no reason why anyone should shave.

I don’t see the value of this product beyond some slight cosmetic enhancement. It does look very dodgy though.

I don’t know how not trusting a consumer product indicates a lack of empathy, let alone an astonishing one.

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