Escape from New York, again



1997: the perfect year for postapocalypse

If Kurt Russel doesn’t get a role (presuming he wants one) I’m gonna be seriously plissed!


Just don’t let Scarlett Johansson have the role.


No, it should be set in 1998. Then it’ll be all about trying to get the hell out of New York because a horrendous CGI Godzilla is on the loose.


Let’s have it set in 1997 with the older Snake Plissken time traveling back from the future to prevent his younger self from “succeeding” in the original mission.

Of course, this is complicated by the little explosive charges set to open the jugular veins of said younger self and the whole killing-your-grandfather paradox, but complications make for great stories.


So he can profit from the post-1997 boom in NY real estate values?


Hollywood: Stupid? Or just dumb?



I’m just hoping they don’t set it in New Orleans during a hurricane.


Listen, I’m waiting for the remake of Big Trouble in Little China.


As long as James Hong is in it, I’m game.


Perfect movies don’t need to be re-made.


Seinfeld, 4!


The Duke of New York, A-Number-1, the Big Man, that’s who!


May the wings of liberty never lose a feather, @funruly.


Does this scenario even make sense anymore? The point of the original was taking the exaggerated idea at the time that NYC was so crime filled that it made sense just to wall it off and use it as a prison. These days the problem isn’t crime, it’s that it’s impossible for most people to afford to live there. Maybe they could flip the scenario – the 1% live in NYC and the wall is to keep the rest out rather than the keeping the people in.


Problem in NYC appears to be the Police union?


Well they can’t set it in any time past Sept 2001, or else where is Snake going to land his glider?


Please remember that Los Angeles > NYC.


Well I’m SURE this has nothing to do with how those movie theater revenues keep going down and down and down.

Can’t be related to the remake/sequel crapfest that is modern Hollywood, can it? Nope - the real cause? Say it with me: INTERNET PIRACY.

Time for an internet crackdown law!


Okay, alternate scenario, set in a not-too-distant, not-entirely-implausible, dystopian future:

The NYPD carries out a successful coup against the civilian government of Ney York City and takes the entire island hostage.

Snake goes to New York City to extract the grandchild of Wang Chi and Miao Yin.