1997: the perfect year for postapocalypse

Continuing the discussion from Escape from New York, again:

New evidence to support my thesis that 1997 is when all great post-apocalypses take place:

And don’t forget to check out Bounty Killer on Netflix streaming! That’s another one set in that glorious, golden, blood-spattered year.


I remember that quite coincidentally, I ended up watching Terminator 2 on August 29th, 1997.


Oh, I love him

Jeru, too. It’s from 96, tho


Is TurboKid a real, feature-length film? Or just a teaser-teaser-trailer?

And what about 1990: The Bronx Warriors ? Boy, they didn’t shove that one far enough into the future; it was a cross between The Warriors and Escape From New York.

aw, man!:

1990: The Bronx Warriors had a complete unknown as the male lead,
17 year old Marco de Gregorio (billed as Mark Gregory in all but the
Italian release) who was spotted by director Enzo G. Castellari at a gym
they both frequented. Castellari states on the director’s commentary of
the DVD that Marco was very quiet, hardly speaking but doing a workout
on his own and keeping to himself but standing out due to his looks,
physique and height.

A website was set up in 2004 for both movies . It contains two interviews
with director Enzo G. Castellari conducted solely for the website and
an ongoing attempt to locate Mark Gregory (Trash) who vanished from public view in about 1989. It also has a message from Enzo and his son Andrea in mp3 format (albeit in Italian) asking Mark to contact them and saying how much they miss him.

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At this point, you know precisely as much about it as I do. A co-worker emailed me the link, knowing how delighted I’d be. I hope to god it’s real.

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Seems to be a “Sundance at Midnight” selection (whatever that means).

Also: http://www.slashfilm.com/turbo-kid-review-sundance/

TURBO KID - Official Sneak Peek - The Playground: http://youtu.be/jdv0KyuaIZ4


I found it and added it, and finished the last 10 minutes this weekend (wife, kids, new B.P.R.D. volume arrived in the mail). Thanks!

My write-up:

Just finished the last ten minutes of “Bounty Killer”. It’s the sort of thing you’d like if you like this sort of thing. And that sort of thing is the bastard CGI-step-child of 19A0s post-apocalyptic films with no budget (this had a small but detectable one, and was also not an Italian production, thank G-d), and an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink approach (post-apoc, car-culture, guns, beer, bounty hunters, deadly feral face-painted fire-spinning Burning “gypsies”, an intense dislike of corporate-culture, and Gary Busey in a yellow tie).


Turbo Kid is now on Netflix, and worth a view! Not for kiddos, though - unless they’re okay with buckets and buckets and buckets and hoses and rains of blood. And synths.

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