Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space

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The alien(s) win if they eliminate all of the humans on-board the ship.

How is this a win? The humans are delicious, right? So can’t you find a way to sustainably farm them?


I have not been paying attention apparently. I knew Osprey had been making rules as I saw some ancients rules some time ago from them but I never realized that Bolt Action and Frostgrave were their doing.
Thanks for the heads up Gareth.

I don’t know what the actual deal is with Warlord Games (creators of Bolt Action), but the Bolt Action game books are published through Osprey. But Frostgrave is theirs and they have a number of other really good historical, fantasy, and sci-fi mini rules sets. And they have a number of interesting and diverse board games. They also have the Osprey Adventures series, which are books that imagine things like Cthulhu Wars, wars between the armies of Horus and Set, a Weird World War where Nazi developed UFOs, Well’s War of the Worlds, etc. Some really interesting stuff.

If it’s in Outer Space, doesn’t the term “Alien” become meaningless?


We’ll build a Dyson sphere and make them pay for it. #MakeTheInnerSystemGreatAgain


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