Explore the solar system in an immortal transhumanist body

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But do I get to blow up aliens?

I think the link to the steam page for this item might be wrong.

Am slightly disappointed this has not turned out to be an ad for Scientology…


Yes, they have a special valve hidden under their clothes. They will let you know when they are fully inflated.

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The screenshot shows “Cortical stack” and “Sleeve”, both terms coined in the Altered Carbon series by Richard Morgan, awesome post transhumanist action scifi. If you’re into that sort of thing.

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Aaron Stack approves of this article.

Time to find an emulator and relive my childhood.

Being in an immortal transhumanist body, you’ll probably be facing attacks from the Kim Davis crowd, the Catholics, biotech patent trolls, would-be home owners upset that no new real-estate has gone on the market in centuries, and archeologists made unemployed by still-alive people with ten thousand year old photo and video collections.



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