Carl Sagan + Grand Theft Auto


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Unexpected. And very good!



Also featured on BB a few years back, the same Sagan audio bits w/neat renderings of real locations in our solar system:


That was kind of cool.

Can anyone tell me where this is in GTA V?


Gotta love anything featuring the butt-head astronomer!


Ludendorff, North Yankton


This was truly a wonderful thing.


Is this part of the first mission; the bank raid gone wrong?


Yeah, you used to be able to hack your way there in the PC version and walk around, but that’s been patched out.

Spoiler: You do return at a different point in the game as well, but it’s pretty tightly on rails.


I was too busy trying not to die again to take in the scenery at that point :smiley: Having completed the first mission, I then spent 12+ hours just traveling around the island, taking in the amazing modeling of… well, everything! The setting really is a work of art.


Indeed. I thought IV was amazing, I used to just tool around various parts of Liberty City astonished at how right they’d gotten it and was really intrigued at which details made it in and what got lumped together for brevity. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a resident of CA at this point to drive around in V.


Gotta love anything featuring the butt-head astronomer!

Maybe I don’t know the full story. Butt-head in what sense?


This is pretty much the whole story, as far as I know.


A while back Apple was working on a new product that they code named Sagan, supposedly in honor of the astronomer. Apparently Carl didn’t appreciate the honor, and had his lawyers start battling with Apple. After a number of legal skirmishes, the Apple team changed the code name. The new code name was BHA, which stood for Butt Head Astronomer. Carl then had his lawyers attack again, but he lost.


I think there are PC mods that still work. It might be in menyoo, but I haven’t tried for a while.


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