Did you know Carl Sagan designed a game?

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was the game called “Bait and Switch”?


Sounds like Spore. The microscope stage was fun, but it was a long slog for not much in the end. Maybe Carl could have made it fascinating, but I have to wonder what the graphics would have looked like in 1983! Yowza!

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Did you know Carl Sagan designed a game?
Blah Blah Blah ( Nothing to do with Carl Sagan) Blah

And then as an after-thought, a small paragraph about Carl Sagan.

/Useless click-bait


“Elite: Dangerous” hits most of the notes Sagan was talking about. It contains the entire galaxy, and while don’t have to learn astronomy while playing it, you don’t need to try; it kind of sucks you in and teaches you osmotically if you’re the explorer type… or prospector type… or discoverer… or… :smile:


Totally agreed on the Contact film - some excellent scifi.

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Thank you so much for featuring myself and another Fem Hyper! Loved all the highlights!

Glad my essay’s click bait worthy at least! Also, being featured on anything with Carl Sagan’s an honor! :pizza:

Let’s see if i understand.
You write an essay with the title “Did you know Carl Sagan designed a game?” and yet there’s nothing about him till the very end? and in what seems as an after-thought just so you can use his name in the title?

Need a walker? cos that’s lame.

The body of the essay should have something to do with the title of the essay.
Anyone with a bit of common sense knows that and this “essay” would be given a failing grade even by high school standards.

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