Ann Druyan on the new Carl Sagan-narrated Apple commercial

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What a fine and thoughtful member of the human race Carl Sagan was. Ad or not, this is a message more people need to hear.


Sexy intelligent beast.


Billions and Billions


Can’t not think about this:


Code Name: Butt Head Astronomer


That’s actually an interesting detail. Sounds like Apple had some trolls on staff!

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Butt Head Apple

I just want to say that I found Ann Druyan’s comment about films not having physics ironic, as one thing that bugged me about the new Cosmos is the overabundance of sound and motion in its space shots. It feels more Brannon Braga than Ann Druyan, it spoils my sense of wonder with unneeded eye candy. Little things like the speed with which nebulae expand and move, which may look cool but creates the false expectation that they do this in minutes instead of millennia.

It just feels off, that’s all.

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Anyone else feel sad that Carl’s voice, words, and notoriety are being used to sell iphones, though? Maybe I’m just a sad sack today and didn’t get enough sleep, but I felt icky when the words “Shot on an iphone” came up at the end. And I side-eyed the whole thing. Sigh. I don’t think it’s because I’m just a sleepy sad sack today…

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