ESPN's attempt to shame Cuba for its slums backfires

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Gosh, that looks like… an ordinary working class neighbourhood anywhere in Latin America.


You know, I’m not a fan of Cuba, the Castros, the revolution, whatever… but this is so petty and pointless.


You’d think a sports network would have realized that stadiums and such are placed “out of the way”, just like poor people, for similar reasons, and that because of this they often end up in the same place.

Actually, come to think of it, a network that regularly asks insightful questions like “What did you come here to do tonight, what did you expect?” an accepts answers like “We came here to play and we came here to win…but so did they I guess…” might not figure out much.


That Detroit location appears to be 5 miles from Comerica Park and Ford Field, so not quite as effective a rebuttal as the one with Citi Field actually in the background.


Part of the whole ridiculous state of mind where by some Americans feel compassion and sympathy for poor people oppressed by Communism, yet back here in the good 'ole USA those same Americans feel disdain and hatred for poor people oppressed by Capitalism.


Well at least in Murica you’re FREE right? Right?!


You bet your ass - Free to get man-handled by any big corporation with a heavy lobby.


Oh. That’s not America.

Americans are a people with economic and political power. As our forefathers intended it to be.

Those pictures are of where former Americans go to die. Sorta our whale graveyards.

It’s a different system. Let me explain how it works for us.

We grow up. Rather than having welfare, we have a privatized form of assistance called credit…

These are short term loans with high interest rates which are intended to help with cash flow problems. It’s how we got rid of the necessity we all had for family and community.

These short term cash flow loans are based on credit reports. Very specific records of a person’s financial health and well being, and shows a predictive ability to determine when and if they can pay back a loan. Based on past performance.

So… Our economy runs in cycles. In growth cycles… We all do our best to gather up as many dollars as possible… Then spend them as fast as we can to try and fill the holes left in our emotional selves from not having a family or community and working all the time. These are known in economics as substitute goods.

We buy these while we borrow capital to buy houses and cars and the stuff we need to live and get to work. They’re not ours. These are fixed capital costs we lease.

In a downturn, many less people are needed. So… We as a country hold an informal lottery called… Who we fire.

Imagine musical chairs… Where the number of players always increases, and the number of chairs grows and falls. It’s sorta like that.

When you are out… Everything kinda happens on its own. Your income falls. You can no longer pay the lease agreements on your home and car.

You are no longer an American. You become a non-person for a while.

In America, when you don’t have a chair, you find your way eventually to the places where all the other players who have found themselves without a chair go.

Dirty places with hungy people and no safety or electricity. Also children. Remember. More children end up in these places then adults. Some are born there too. But… They do get basic necessities. About 80% of the food they need to survive. And most do… They work it out. Somehow. They don’t vote however. They know not to. We let them know when they forget.

There is an upside! Not all former Americans do die in our whale graveyards. Social scientists aren’t sure why yet, because it’s not something we study often. Just soo much to do…

I know that’s what you were thinking… But what if America needs more Americans?

Well… Don’t worry. We keep the number of Americans low. Less than 50%.

This creates demand! Lots of people love those substitute goods! So when we need new Americans we can just go shuffle through the former ones, and the would be ones, and then there’s people who apply for the right to compete for loans for homes and cars from all over the world.

So there will always be plenty of Americans and would-love-to-be-Americans… Just have to keep the right ratio and we are good folks!


The comparison to Willets Point (Citi Field) is apples and oranges. That area doesn’t have sidewalks or sewers because it’s 100% auto repair and junkyards. It’s not really a “slum” if nobody lives there.


People live there. We just don’t count them as people.

Where do you live? Nowhere.

Well… Time to go back. All this shit you see belongs to someone else. This is someone else’s dirty cardboard box you’re living in.

That’s America.

The bottom 1%'s wealth is as low as the top 1% is high.

Of earners.

We don’t count non-earners.

They are a problem that goes away on its own if you just wait long enough.


So much more than just free!

Here’s a taste of the real America…


(Post deleted by ESPN, our modern paragon of Virtue and Purity made manifest in Bristol, CT…I mean, we made that “30 for 30” stuff, amirite)


Very nice, there’s some real gold in there lol


Yeah, I kind call b.s. on the Detroit picture. American ball fields and arenas used to be located solely in areas of poor housing, but since gentrification these areas have changed greatly (mixed-use high rises, etc). If not gentrification, many remain in industrial areas. Most complexes are surrounded by parking lots and structures, even Joe Louis Arena.

Still, ESPN comparing Havana with the U.S. is a pointless. I’m thinking a lower level producer? As @dragonfrog has pointed out, this neighborhood looks like many neighborhoods in Latin America, but many Americans haven’t taken the time to explore past their resort.


I … wait … is that a whole thread of Poe’s Law?

This has been filed in your permanent record, so Trump can have you black-bagged and taken to a re-education camp. Because evidence.

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Communities in those Cuban neighborhoods may enjoy more and better public services, including affordable health care and education, than U.S. farmworker communities.


Just chalk it up to somebody being full of shit.

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That’s bullshit invented by a ministry in the Cuban government-things are bad in Cuba, even though what ESPN did was bogus.