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I got a little funny in the head* last weekend, and ordered more books than I had in the previous two years. It was a combination get-your-own-Valentine’s-gift “from the kids”, bonus points on a credit card, and some other intersections. I ordered from Alibris for the first time in like 10 years, and Amazon. New and used. Oh, and Target, but that was my wife’s book. Also got a book for the kids. Anyway. Books have been coming in – I got a moderns translation of The Thousand and One Nights that I hadn’t read, Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folk Tale, The Shaolin Cowboy (vol I; vol II is on pre-order), and Speech and Language Processing (2nd edition) in which is marked “Circulation of this edition outside the Indian subcontinent is UNAUTHORIZED”. Hunh. And still some more things to come.

So, I wasn’t too surprised to find books in the mail.

But I was to open one and find it gift-wrapped.

And realize that there are jokers, and then there are jokers. I’m still not sure where @funruly fits in that schema, but we’ll cram him in somehow.

* How could anybody tell? [They couldn’t.]


This reminds me of something. Well, at least it wasn’t “by opening this card you accept the ESUA” so there’s that. Does reselling the book terminate the soul-clause?


Surprisingly well wrapped. The card+ribbon were stuck so well I couldn’t save the paper (see next shot).


Double-sided paper. Nifty!




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