Cory Doctorow's first picture book, Poesy the Monster Slayer, is out today

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I won’t be buying this since apparently you can only get it on Amazon. :frowning:


From Cory’s linked pluralistic post, he has a link back to his publisher with other options:


Well, you will learn eventually of my snarky retorts because of the shameless promotion of Amazon by Boing Boing on all of its posts. The original post only has an Amazon link, I find this completely antithetical to Boing Boing’s story. And will continue to point it out. :slight_smile:


Cool story bro.


That’s needlessly reductive. Amazon affiliate links are an easy way for small content people to help support their efforts specifically without needing to promote things. Every serious YouTuber depends on them for a third or more of their income. If they help BB survive, great.


Alexa, how can I make a post about me?


Hence my link to the LEGO ISS at the LEGO store yesterday, as an alternative to the BB-affiliate link to Amazon. :wink:

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In the light of recent events I have adopted a zero tolerance policy around all things big corporate, racist, and sexist. I will no longer stand by and be complicit as rich, white people do their thing and get away with it. As such am trying my best to change the behavior of at least people I respect. Thus, nothing to do about me at all but rather about improving the world at large, You think I enjoy this, I actually abhor it, I have my whole life avoided being a part of online communities because of exactly this. Pointless backlash from faceless people. Sheesh.


That may be but I am sure that Boing Boing is tech-savvy enough to find ways to monetize the site through alternate shopping links. Amazon can not be the only site that offers this. You could also openly provide that as a “sponsored” link and provide links to other independent bookstores in addition. I sure would like to hear Cory’s take on this.

Cory’s takes are no longer available on this website :frowning_face:


HAHAHA yes, the problem is just a lack of “technical savvy”, not the reality that facebook, amazon, and google own all the revenue for ad-supported content on the web. Surely a little blog like us can change that!

That situation is grossly unpleasant, but they are also the reason Boing Boing survives today. You are welcome to read other large independent blogs that are funded by other means… if you can find any.

Cory… has his books for sale on Amazon? And lists them first on his publisher’s page?

Those of us who, you know, actually try to make this stuff work understand that you can both critique the system while having to work within the system to survive. It’s one of the awesome side-effects of free expression.

While it’s fun to pretend that folks lose perspective and are no longer valid reviewers/commenters once they own or use a thing, there’s also the truth that those same people, you know, have actually used the thing and might know a thing or two about it.

But hey, we’ve only said this stuff a hundred times before. I’m sure this time folks will finally get it.

Until then, feel free to continue to chastize me for correcting a false thing you wrote on the internet about the availability of the book.


Whoa, I wasn’t chastising you, you’ll notice my reply was to a poster further down the list. I really appreciate you giving the alternate link, now I just wish it was in the main post. :wink:

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Cool. Congratulations Cory!

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I chose Amazon over Wal-mart a long time ago as the lesser of two evils. Are they still? Maybe not but at least I don’t have to wade among the maskless covid deniers when I shop.

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Definitely not true. I work in an independent bookstore and I personally received this book last night.

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Ha. :slight_smile: If you followed the thread I was joking because that was the only link provided by Mark in his post. I’ve called him out before and was jazzing him again. I know its available elsewhere, that was my point. Sorry my irony didn’t come across. Enjoy the book, it looks great!

When I say received, I mean received it for the store, not, like, as a gift. And while I agree with you that Amazon should not be blindly and universally supported as the only shopping/advertising option (for example, offers affiliate links, if I’m not mistaken), your first post isn’t really saying that, just straight-up posting misinformation that I felt compelled to correct based on my firsthand experience.

EDIT: To put it another way, if someone who is interested in this book reads only your first post and assumes it to be true, then you didn’t hurt Amazon- you potentially gave them a sale, and hurt a local bookstore.


It’s a delightful book. The only review on Amazon so far is mine. (I’ve never attempted that before, because I only have about 6 reviews on there!)
I got the ebook from my library. I think Cory is in favor of libraries. And I’m trying to help him by posting the review without buying from the Big Bad.


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