New edition of Cory Doctorow's Little Brother/Homeland with intro by Edward Snowden

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Well, I still haven’t read Homeland yet, so I guess this is the edition I’m picking up!


I’ve been meaning to comment for some time on the amazing proliferation with which Boing Boing links to Amazon for shopping. I depend on you for alternative sources for everything from news to culture to products. I will never, ever buy from Amazon as long as there is any other choice (and when is there not) no matter how hard it is for me to find it. But if this keeps up there will not be another choice. Jeff Bezos does not need another dime. Please consider linking to other sites for shopping. Thank you.

The problem is that advertising dollars are shrinking as the payout metrics shift, so there’s a need for alternative revenue streams. A large portion of youtuber revenue, for example, comes from affiliate links (in which Amazon provides a kickback to the individual shilling the product).

I’ve been with BoingBoing since the 90’s, and… yeah. The dive into commercialism and peddling cheap gear is disappointing to say the least. I would be interested to know how things would have progressed if they’d switched to a Patreon (or other low-entry subscription model) before moving forward with so much advertising.

I’ve honestly moved on to getting most of my edge-case news from a curated list of subreddits, most of which BB will highlight it a few days later. I stick around because the community is relatively solid, and occasionally there’s a completely unique rare gem.


New edition of Cory’s Doctorow’s…



Snowden’s friend, I think?

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I would totally donate to a BoingBoing Patreon or do a low-cost subscription. Especially if I could lose those ads that float over parts of my screen and make it so I can’t see everything. I am not bothered by the other ones.


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