Ethiopia shuts down national internet "to prevent exam cheating"

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TIL .et is the TLD for Ethiopia.


Ethiopia shuts down national internet “to prevent exam cheating”


I know we have greater priorities in the near term like the right to exist, the right to love whomever we chose (that is able to legally consent), access to clean water/food/shelter, etc., but I believe in the next 100 years, access to the internet will become akin to a basic human right. This is why the debate over common carrier (Title I/II) status for broadband internet seems ridiculous. I suppose those big companies will lobby to protect their excessive rents for a few more decades until we get our collective opinions in alignment and treat them like the dumb pipeline that they pretend they aren’t.

Examples like this amplify the ridiculousness of being able to unilaterally kill all access just to make life easier on bureaucrats who should be able to think of a better solution.

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This qualifies as ‘total overkill’, I believe.

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Killing all students or shutting down the education system would be more expedient.

Access to the Internet already is a basic human right. It’s not the television of the 21st century, it’s the printing press of the 21st century. It’s a right primitive to all the others because fighting for them without the resources the Internet provides is, effectively, impossible.


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